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As everyone knows qilin world capital is the Asia based family office and they invest in the debt and credit opportunities. This firm was established in the year of 2014 and they are one of the leading investors in single share financing sector. Qilin has personnel in worldwide locations such as Vietnam, Seoul, London, USA and Singapore. Their executives have many years of experience in finance and banking.

Interesting information about annual RHT Rajan Menon foundation golf event
In fact RHT Rajan Menon foundation is the registered grant making philanthropic and charity organization in Singapore. Luckily qilin world capital has been the supporter of RHT foundation since 2015. They are also contributing to different kinds of events such as school pocket money fund, national gallery Singapore and World wildlife fund. RHT foundation is supporting environmental conservation efforts, educational pursuits and assistance for disadvantaged groups. Basically qilin finance is offering huge range of the financial solutions and they are active in the primary and secondary markets via Europe and Asia. This firm focal point is cornerstone investments, share placements, equity linked note transaction and margin lending solution. Qilin dedicated lending group mainly focused on giving capital to global markets. They are sponsored more numbers of the charity events such as

·         RHT Rajan Menon golf charity event
·         Singapore Japan JS50 golf event
·         Singhealth and Duke-NUS charity golf event
·         Charity skydiving event for London Air ambulance
·         Middle East investment summit 2016
·         Private banking Asia 2016 conference

In fact RHT foundation held third annual golf tournament 26th May of this year at Singapore Island country club. Basically qilin world cap is the best private lender in Asia and they specialized in global markets in the form of margin loans and repurchase agreements.

Is qilin leadership supports mentally disabled and handicapped children
In the year of 2016, qilin world Raymond Lau donated more than 10,000 RM to mentally disabled and handicapped children association. This donation is really useful to improve and maintain the onsite facilities. In fact qilin world capital ltd main aim is to educate mentally disabled and handicapped youth and offers physiotherapy to child. Basically handicapped and mentally disabled children association Johor Bahru is dedicated organization and they are offering personal care to mentally disabled and handicapped children. This organization was founded in the year of 1990 and this organization might be largely funded donations from charity minded organization like qilin. 

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