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Whenever the individuals are searching for the best and high quality camcorder camera for their needs, it has to be highly functional and also classy with all advanced video recording options. In the general specifications, your selected camcorder should also have the 2.7 inches LCD high definition screen along with the excellent digital video night vision 24 MP resolution. As the best photographer, everyone should have a top rated and high definition camcorder camera in your hand in order to take the impressive photography and filming in all moments. Even though there are several models and brands of the camcorders available from the earlier days, everyone should need to avoid the older models and just pick the new model with the advanced options.

Which is the best camcorder camera?
While searching for a right camcorder camera for your filming and photographic needs, everyone should need to go for only the best camcorder under 200 with all great specifications and features. It will be definitely the Fitiger 2.7 inches high definition LCD screen digital video camcorder along with the 24 MP resolution for the night vision.

This camcorder is definitely the most excellent choice to all the filming and photographic needs of the users. A lot of researches have told that this camcorder is the best choice among the several options which is under $ 200. A lot of photographic enthusiasts are only willing to buy this camera in order to take the outstanding range of photos and videos.

Specifications and features:
If the users are considering the specifications and features of the Fitiger camera which is the best camcorder under 200, you will surely experience the following advanced specifications and features including,
·         Screen with 270 degree rotation which will make it perfect for the self videos and selfies.
·         7 TFT (16:9) LCD screen along with the touch screen functionality.

·         CMOS 5.0 MP full high definition (HD) image sensor with the maximum to 24 MP and 1920 x 1080 resolution.
·         Maximum output given by this camcorder device is actually of 24 MP.
·         Li-on battery NP 40, 1250 mAh and 3.7 V. The starting charging time of this camera is 8 hours and then it will take only 3 hours to full.
·         16X zoom camcorder camera to take the shots even in great close-ups.
·         HDMI cable in order to connect the PC and TV.

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