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Are nutritional health supplements are now a way of life?

If you want to provide your body with proper defensive and aging ammunition, nutraceuticals are now essential. Some people think that supplements like patriot power greens are not necessary, but with the advent of modern agricultural practices and food processing methods, we are turning to disasters without them. At the beginning of 1900, the quality of food was ten times higher than current nutrients.

If you only rely on food or even organic food, the possibility of nutrient deficiency is high. Fertilizers, food preservatives and environmental pollution have increased our risk of infecting much higher diseases at any time in history. People have hardly noticed the epidemic. The truth is that if the body is deprived of the essential nutrients needed to repair the immune system and prevent disease and aging, people can wait for years to live.

Its body is designed to be depleted by its evolutionary properties, broken down into specific nutrients or biochemicals, and absorbed into the blood to transport them, suitable for treating and assimilating cells. In short, food is designed to power your body, prevent disease and strengthen the immune system. Due to the modernization of agriculture and food processing, we are so tired of food, nutritional supplements need nutritional supplements to make up for the gap nutrients.

Organic food supplements like the one from patriot power greens are made from organic tissues of plants and animals. The plant comes from fruits and vegetables grown in mineral-rich soils, without chemicals, without pesticides, without preservatives, and without any additives. The non-toxic and nutrient-rich foods of these nutritional supplements are clinically designed to address nutritional deficiencies that affect the various functions of our bodies. Vitamins and multivitamins are not food. They are actually a collection of chemicals. The researchers found many food substances that are more important than vitamins or minerals!

Organic nutritional supplements and natural supplements contain a wide range of nutrients that help our body enhance our health, healing and immune function. These nutrients include vitamins and minerals, as well as trace elements, enzymes, flavonoids, carotenoids, pigments, terpenes, chlorophyll, coenzymes, co-vitamins, and amino acids.

Scientists can't replicate the nutrients in natural foods, and they can't match the incredible complexity and healing power of living foods. On the other hand, vitamin supplements like patriot power greens contain only nutrients, in addition to other natural and true nutrients that support life. The "potentiator" of the whole plant is another missing element. Therefore, the nutrients needed to prevent disease and aging do not exist. Synergists are existing cofactors in the entire food complex that absorb nutrients from cells and make them effective. It is not enough to consume nutrients.

Nutritional supplements are made from concentrated whole foods. Most people know that tomatoes are a good source of vitamins C and E. To get the right amount of these nutrients, you have to eat more than a dozen tomatoes every day in this environment. It's hard to find someone who can or can do it every day. However, dehydrate, tritúrelos and put them in soluble capsules and get the same results. It only takes a few minutes to take the capsule and enjoy the benefits of the entire tomato garden.

Consumers must be aware that not all natural dietary supplements are equal. Several companies have existed for 50 years and have been pioneers in the natural food supplement (patriot power protein) industry, but there are also people who wear science to discover a new level of new life sciences for Biotics and Univera. The natural products industry is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission, not the Food and Drug Administration. Therefore, the claim may take several years to prove or refute. The best industry companies are in independent laboratories, including their specific product inspections for scientific research. Many vitamin manufacturers are happy to provide research results on the specific ingredients they claim to include in their products, but they do not mention the amount of nutrients. Look for specific product research and suppliers ready to guarantee these products.

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