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Bangkok Escort Girls- Labor Bondage Or Formal Business?

Prostitution is about the bars in Bangkok and also about the urinals in Spain. Because that's what it means to open the door in exchange for money. However, there are nuances. First of all, because this is the eastern face of the world and precisely Southeast Asia has a very particular vision of the rental romance for hours.

The great problem of prostitution (Bangkok Escort) in the world is slavery . The fact that a person has to do something against their own will in order to continue eating. And only a brainless man -although there are many of them- would lie in bed with someone knowing that the girl is being forced against her will.

However, to say that all company service  is forced and converts the one that charges in goods is to become blind in the European moral Catholic. Prostitution does not always mean slavery . And what is found in some of the bars in Thailand is quite ambiguous.

The Western media - and in this the Spanish take out their license plates - love to give their spectators a shit. Nothing like images of the brothels of Pattaya, Phuket or Bangkok to belittle an alien culture and, incidentally, criticize those who pass by.

Where they do not usually guess is that, of all the prostitution (Bangkok Escort) that exists in Thailand, they are going to fix precisely in perhaps the one that less slavery entails. Which is the one that is concentrated for the foreign public. Without a doubt, those who are teaching their asses there come from the poor areas of the country . But there is no habitual way of trafficking in Nana, Soi Cowboy or the rest of the red neighborhoods  .

Moreover, the intention of many of these young people is, in addition to making quick money, to try to catch a big man with round eyes . Either to get money out of first-hand or to have it as a boyfriend and become a maintained. It is nothing new.

Where is slavery and trafficking? The functioning of bars in Bangkok for foreigners, for those who do not know it, is not like in western brothels . The girl dances at the bar or walks around and her role is for the client to drink and invite her to drinks . If he later wants to leave with one, he has to pay the bar to take her to his hotel.

The traditional process of trafficking does not exist in these cases. The  bar girl - they call them whores - goes abroad to their hotel , sometimes until the next day, and is not watched. He has not had to make deals with anyone to go to Bangkok, he was on his own foot by bus for less than ten euros. During the day, the girl - or the boy, who also has them - does what she wants, chooses where she lives and stops going to the bar when she has some foreigner who keeps her. If we already talk about those that work on their own, spiders, the matter is even more diffuse.

Because of that, to that almost benevolent vision, we have the other side of the coin. Those who justify Siamese prostitution (Bangkok Escort) by saying that it is "like a job" . Where the girl chooses the easy way to make money, since poorly paid jobs do not convince her.

Many of them yearn for the poor to remain very poor in Thailand so that cheap sex never fails. And they justify alleging that young people have alternatives, since unemployment is almost non-existent. "The one in the bar is because he wants to . " Ok, in part it's true, but with too many nuances.

I do not think it's a source of pride for the country that so many young people prefer to put their butts before looking for life in another way. And while there is no trafficking in these cases, the consequences for those who are not clever are disastrous. Drug addiction and violence at the first change . In addition to a pretty black future if a salvador farang  does not arrive  .

Also, in very poor families  there are girls who are  invited to go to move their asses in  front of foreigners, without any hesitation then to put their hands.

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