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Casino Games - New Online Casino Games Reviews

Recently, the number of online casino malaysia is slowing due to market suffocation and new gambling laws. At this point, the casino is trying to attract the number and quality of customer games by improving service and addition. For example, online casino software company "Microgaming" has added four games for two consecutive years. "CryptoLogic" develops service offerings, including about ten games per month. New games appear in PlayTech and RTG casinos. Of course, in new games, leadership belongs to several slot machines, mainly video slots with lots of lines, bonuses or simply using new graphics. However, current board games (card games for dealers) are also under development. Let's take a closer look at the latest innovations in online casinos.

Let's start with loneliness. Yes, this is the old "Klondike", which replaces the standard Windows game. Now, the CryptoLogic Casino also has this game, but it is called "card". I won't tell the rules of the game: If you don't know them, start the game and see for yourself. If you want to train in the casino version, please install the "one-to-one distribution card" and "account exchange" settings, you will clearly know what you will find in the online casino malaysia. In the early days of the game, bet $1.04 and $52 ($52 is also integrated with Windows Solitaire) and 10 cents, $5 per card is received, placed in the right place. Then, if the solitaire is completed, you win five times the odds of the initial bet. But even if the cards are not over, you will receive the money. As you can see, if you put 11 cards, you will put them in your pocket. Unfortunately, the analysis of the game is too complicated and there is no information about the expectations.

The popularity of online poker clubs limits the appearance of the following games in the online casino malaysia. First of all, the game Casino Holdem has been developed. It is now available for RTG, PlayTech and CryptoLogic casinos. After a while, Tequila Poker (PlayTech) appeared.

Therefore, Holdem Casino is a game that really looks like poker. First, the player must bet the initial bet, then the player and the dealer take two hidden cards and deal with them on the flop. The flop means three cards open (using a pair of 52 cards). By observing five cards (holes and flops), the player must decide whether to continue the game. If the game continues, the player will bet on two bets or he will cancel and lose the bet. If the game continues, the dealer will distribute two additional cards (turn and river) and counter cards.

The combination of player and bookmaker is based on the Texas Hold'em rules: the highest combination of poker, with five cards wins (you can use 0-2 hole cards and 3 to 5 cards) as a distribution in Oasis-Poker There may be no "games" in the business. If the dealer has less than the pair of four, the player receives a pass equal to a bet's gain, not a bet, but according to the table winner, where the gain is changed from 1 forward by the line 100 before being changed by the royal cartoon (main blind back) To the player). If the dealer has a match and his combination is superior, all players' blinds will be lost. If the combinations are equal, the winner is determined by the age of the remaining cards. If the dealer has a match and his combination is low, the player receives the prepayment according to the form and the main bet is 1 to 1.

According to the payment form, the casino advantage in the game is about 2%. Given the various possible combinations, it is almost impossible to develop an optimal strategy. However, it can be said that the player must play about 82% of the trade. The player must discard. If he has two small unpaired cards, he cannot encounter on the flop and cannot wait for the line/flash.

In addition to the main blind, players can also place extra bets in the area marked "AA". If the five card combinations on the flop are two or more, the player wins an extra bet. In this case, the player will receive payment in accordance with a form seven to 100 times the amount of the bet. The additional casino advantage is only over 6%.

Tequila Poker is far from the poker club, but it has some features that make it closer to blackjack or even baccarat. Then, the game requires 52 cards, and the player bets the initial bet before distribution. After that, put four whole cards on the table. Here, the player must make a choice, he can refuse to continue the game, lose the initial bet or continue to play Tequila Poker or continue to play Tequila High by making a major bet on the initial bet amount. If the game continues, two cards are dealt and five cards are selected to form the best combination. If the player chooses the game Tequila Poker, they will be combined according to standard poker rules. A hand with a pair of A and higher quality is considered a winner. If the combination is lower, the player will lose all bets. If it is higher, the initial bet is paid from 1 to 1, and the main bet is multiplied according to the pay table that usually looks like video poker. . If the player selects the Tequila High game, they will add five highest scores. Points are counted towards blackjack (according to the face value, the card is 2 to 10, the value of the picture is 10 points, Aces - 11 points). Players must earn at least 46 points to win. If you receive more than 45 points, the first bet will be paid from 1:1, and the main participation will be paid according to the form (up to 54 points and the payment amount is 200 to 1).

As you know, the best strategy is also very complicated. I only say that players must play Tequila High in 30% of the trades, Tequila Poker in 32% of the cases, and the remaining 38%. You must play Tequila Poker if you have one or four cards, the fifth/one flash (including straight inside). If your three cards are up to 28 points or more, you must play tequila. The casino advantage of a game with the best strategy will be 4.2%. Download your app for android from playstore online casino malaysia for android.

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