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How to win jackpot at

Capsa Susun Game at Is a card composing game in which there are 3 levels in a row . Where cards will be arranged sequentially from the largest to the smallest. With that we will help you get easy tricks in getting the jackpot in stacking capsa. Next we provide an easy trick to get the jackpot in stacking capsa:

Easy Tricks to Get Jackpot in Capsa Susun

      When the card has been distributed to all players, you will be given time to arrange the order of the cards that you hold. After the time has expired, the game will start immediately.

      After compiling the card, the calculation process will be carried out where the fellow players we will compare the points with the cards you have. The calculation of the card will start from the lowest, the middle, and the top one.

      All arrangements will later get a score of 1 point and also not including the count in the combination of cards.

The following are the types of cards that have been combined:

      Threes, if you get this card arrangement you will get 5 points.

      Full House, which is obtained in the middle structure, with you get this card you will get point 3.

      Four of Kind, which is obtained in the lower order, will get 7 points.

      Four of Kind, which is obtained in the middle arrangement, will get 14 points.

      Straight Flush, which is obtained in the bottom arrangement, will get 9 points.

      Straight Flush, which is obtained in the middle arrangement, will get as many as 18 points.

      Royal Flush, obtained in the lower order, will get 11 points.

      Royal Flush, which is obtained in the middle arrangement, will get 22 points.

If there are players who get 13 cards in sequence with a complete arrangement, for example: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, and As. The arrangement of this card is often referred to as Dragon, if you get this card arrangement you will get the highest jackpot points of 208 points.

Earning Easy Cash With Capsa Susun

The Capsa Susun game is a game that is so popular today. where you can place bets on capsa collections using real money. In addition we also provide a game of  Capsa Susun with various bonuses that you can get, here you will give you information to get benefits in playing Capsa Susun Uang Asli. Before you start playing you must have an ID to be able to enter the capsa game because all the games played online require an account / ID.

Game capsa stacking at is no stranger to the Indonesian people because this game has often been played by the community so that this game is one of the choices of the bettors in playing online gambling.

How to earn benefits in playing Capsa Susun Uang Asli

In playing gambling is not always lucky, but we can get these benefits if we know how to play it. Because every game must have its own way of playing. One of the important things in playing gambling is concentration.

Without any concentration of any method there will be no use. But to get concentration, usually everyone needs comfort in playing. Sometimes there are some obstacles that interfere with our concentration when playing, for that you have to choose the best Capsa Susun site (, which can provide you with comfort and good service. That way you do not need to feel the various obstacles when playing gambling stacking gambling. do not need to worry about various obstacles when playing gambling capsa gambling. So you can play comfortably and can easily gain the advantage of playing Capsa Susun Uang Asli.

After you feel comfortable while playing, then you can do a method or strategy in playing capsa stacking. Here's how you get the benefits of playing real money stacking  :

      Must be patient and not emotional: In determining the tricks to play, the main thing that you should pay attention to is to remain patient and not to be emotional, if you get a card combination that is not good you must be calm so that your opponent feels threatened with the card you have.

      Don't Overcame the Highest Card Combination: In the game of stacking capsa, card combinations are indeed needed to win. In the game of stacking, there are 3 cards that you need to make as the best card combination. So you don't need to force the highest card combination because you only need to divert each card to keep the highest card order.

      Observe the opponent's card: Every time you play a game of stacking capsa you must pay attention to the combination card that will be issued by the opponent, because it can help us to win in the game of stacking. And also by observing the opponent's card combination makes us easier to compile the cards that we have.

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