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How to make a casino bubble poker chip decoration?

Make a large bubble copy of the poker chips (먹튀사이트) to decorate your party space.

Create your own poker chip decorations for your next poker or casino party. Poker chips can mimic your favorite Las Vegas casino or design something personalized for your event. For example, if you are celebrating a 30th birthday with a casino-themed party, place a "30 Mark" on the poker chip. Common colors for poker chips include black and white, green and white or red and white. You can also use colors that complement the other decorations of your party.

You will need styrofoam or thick foam DIY guide mark / round template (ie bowl, plate) knife or scissors long and serrated brush sponge craftsman or acrylic painting or poker chip video day

Place a circular container, plate or other object on the foam and track the object with the marker to form a perfect round foam poker chip. Do not over press, especially if you use polystyrene foam because it is easily broken.

Use a sharp long knife to cut the circle for polystyrene foam or scissors for craft foam. If you are using polystyrene foam, do not press hard, otherwise the foam may break.

Brush a plastic foam ball and get a piece of poker in the form of a chip that is smooth and round.

Gently place the poker chip label in the center of the circle, or draw poker chip drawings with acrylic or acrylic paint using real poker chips (먹튀사이트).

Tips and Warnings You can use your computer to create stickers for poker chips or order them at a news store or party.

Other Crafts using poker chips?

Poker coasters will keep the next card party.

Handicrafts using poker chips are a good way to recycle and recycle small plastic discs. Jewelry, image frames and decoration as well as you can make theme coasters. Poker chips are usually offered in red, white, blue colors, so it is perfect for party decorations and July 4th and anniversaries.

Chips for poker (먹튀사이트) can be made into color photograph magnets hanging at the school's refrigerator and lockers. You have been able to draw cards of your choice, and you can also use the printed colors. Acrylic process coating works on plastic discs. You need to use a glittering transparent coating and two layers. Once the disc is decorated as necessary, print an elliptical picture, adjust the diameter of the poker chip, and firmly paste it. Adhesive on hand is better than hot melt adhesive. After that, the picture may be damaged. Peel the magnetic strip of the local craft store, cut it to the desired size, and apply it to the back of the chip.


Simply decorate the tip and create a needle on the poker tip lying down the needle into a hot glue gun. You can purchase brush packs from craft stores and enthusiasts of all sizes. You can create a brush image on a personal photo, a magazine image, or an image printed on the Internet, create a slogan using a mark that cannot be deleted, or draw an image on the map . You can also make poker chips original creative custom jewelry using plastic and feather jewels.

Jewelry and Christmas decorations

You can make necklaces, bracelets and theme wreaths in the garden with patriotism or red, white, blue poker chips. The chip is fixed firmly to the wood part, with a hole in between the small tip and the electric drill tip. In order to measure the chip and check that the chip is evenly jammed it is necessary to display the puncture point with a permanent display. Use white or transparent straw to cut it to the desired size and give a small piece, rope or small string.

Craft game

Future Jet Coaster Poker Please surprise the guest at night. Buy a plastic or cardboard triple from cheap sellers and decorate them with poker chips (먹튀검증방). Hot melt adhesive will stick the tip to the roller coaster. The tip is hanging on the side, but the roller coaster is not unstable. To continue the theme of the game, you can repeat the same process, decorate the side of the tree tray or ball.

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