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What Are The Other Places To Visit In Greece Trip?

One of the most fascinating place that attracts the attention of most of the people around  the world is the Greece and the images of place that are associated with it. Greece is cursed with a beautiful black magic of attracting the attention of tourists all around the world. Greece is in itself a very beautiful place an also is graced with many beautiful places, to visit.

One can just remain lost within the mesmerizing beauty of those sceneries which the places near Greece offer. Winter is mostly known as the best season for visiting the Greece and considering my experience, I will also advice the same.


There are many hotels that create goose bumps with their beauty in late mornings. They provide fascinating sceneries and beaches round them for the viewers to let them enjoy the most piercing beauty with their bare eyes. One can learn about the Bronze Age Civilization that has established them here. There are evidences which proves there occurrence to be between the years 3000 to 1500 BC. Here the first archaeological site is Akrotiri.

There are beaches too, beautiful beaches to be more precise. The Perissa Beach is one of them and it attracts the attention of many tourists and people all around the world. The birds chirpings around and the lukewarm sun light percolating right through the leaves of the dense trees, the mild mesmerizing aroma of wet soil and the soothing voice of the waves conflicting with each other to won in the race of reaching the shore first, can be witnessed here. I myself have found it to be one of the most soothing places around the world. One should never let the chance of travelling or visiting Greece pass by, one must utilize the opportunity and must visit the Greece at least once.

Athens half day sighting tour

You can book your choice to travel and can meet our guide here, with his/her polite and gentle greetings for you. Here, peoples are too good and helpful. You can then let your journey begin in the ac coach of luxury cars (as per your preferences.) I would prefer to hire a scooty though. Because, a sightseeing is best when one travels the most, experiencing everything slowly and gradually; the beauty lies in getting tired, in getting mesmerized, getting hungry again and again, and eventually enjoying their cultural food and diet. One must enjoy the full trip by getting involved in there, in their imperfections and by sinking in their perfections.

Guides are one of the best companions with you, when you travel any historic places. His commentaries, despite being ignored by most of the visitors, attract the attention of the tourists; it is because there language and the way of telling the history are amazing and mesmerizing. What attracts my attention the most was the tomb of Unknown Soldier, off course after the beautiful voice and commentary of my tourist guide. There were other places too, like Greek Parliament building and Presidential Palace, and the home of Greece’s royals but still, my eyes were searching for just another glimpse of the tomb.

Delphi day trip from athens       

It is widely known that the archaic period of the Ancient Greece extends between the 8th century BC and 600 AD. Moreover, history and consequently the mythologies associate with it, says Delphi represents its center.
It is said that it is the place where the eagles of Zeus where collided here when they were released at the end of the earth.
Guides, as mentioned would definitely win your heart by telling you the stories of the histories and the other mythologies, associated with it.

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