July 21st, 2017


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The car sale in 2017 has been improved a lot in which the each of the cars is having its own image in their sale for example the Mahindra brand car had a positive growth of 3 percent and ford has the growth of 16.6 percent. The thing which you need to look out for the sales number rather than considering the percentage growth of the figures and the India’s largest four wheeler manufacturing company of Maruti Suzuki has registered the growth of 15.5 percent in the car sales in 2017. In which the Ford Endeavour has the total sales of 23,503 units and the surprising thing is that out of the given numbers 16,761 units have constituted of the exports when compared to the 11,499 units exported and this shows the growth of 45 percent. The company also committed to build the profitable and sustainable business by delivering on their four strategic pillars namely.

  • ·         Right products

  • ·         Effective scale

  • ·         Strong brand

  • ·         Competitive cost

When the car companies consider the above four pillars then they can improve the car sales. Improving the car sales is the major task that each employee of the car manufacturers has to work for improving the company’s turnover. The sales of the car can be increased only when it satisfies the customer needs so the car manufacturers need to consider or take the survey report regarding the needs and requirements of the customer about their car.

About the Honda city car sale in 2017
The Honda city car manufacturing company has sold total units of 11,278 in 2017 as compared to 9,954 total units sold in the year 2016 where the growth has been registered as 13.3 percent. The growth was fuelled by the demand of the Honda city which continued to be the best selling car of the company and car model of Honda WR-V is the latest product offered by the Honda car company. The company also exported the 498 of car units to other countries and improved their sale by manufacturing the best quality of the cars and satisfying the customer needs by adding the new features to the car models. The Honda city company has improved manufacturing sale from other car companies and most of the car sold in the year 2017 are Volkswagen, BMW and the Honda city. The each car manufacturers are updating their car features in order to withstand the car manufacturing field and to maintain their market place.

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