December 14th, 2017

Qilin Donates To Education, Charities And Margin Loan Refinancing In Recent Times

Asia based businesses in our time succeed worldwide and make use of overall opportunities in a proper way.  Every customer of these businesses nowadays gets 100% satisfaction and feels confidence to recommend products or services from such businesses to others. As the successful family office, Qilin World Capital these days gets ever-increasing popularity. This company shines in the competitive sector due to several reasons such as a long-term view of the market.

How to succeed

Raymond Lau is a Managing Director of Qilin World Capital.  He presented a cheque of SGD 200,000 for endowed ME92 Scholarship to the Engineering Faculty representative of the National University of Singapore.  Everyone in the finance sector in recent times gets ever-increasing challenges in different aspects and seeks how to overcome all such challenges without delay.  They work smart and use every opportunity to achieve their goal.  Mr. Raymond Lau has revealed the three main elements required to succeed in this event. These three elements are as follows.

  • Respect

  • Integrity

  • Hunger

Qilin invests in both credit and debt opportunities after a comprehensive analysis of different things one after another.  The managing director of this family based office identified and ensured about the overall requirements to respect one another to properly conduct the business with essential integrity. The performance plays a good role to enhance the level of business as planned.

Mr. Raymond Lau

Mr. Raymond Lau has donated $250, 000 to charities on behalf of Qilin World Capital to support people who require the prompt financial assistance through charities. He initiated the lion’s share of the Mechanical Engineering (ME) 92 Scholarship (Endowed) of National University of Singapore.  The overall contribution over $150, 000 will financially assist every disadvantaged undergraduate with very good academic result by successfully studying at the department. Qilin facilitates margin loan refinancing sector in Southeast Asia and strives to provide liquidity solutions across the region. This company has geared up to successfully expands its

  • Family offices

  • Wealth managers

  • Private bankers

Qilin understands the overall significance of working closely with these professionals in the finance sector and achieve the liquidity goals of clients such as publicly traded assets’ monetization. Many companies these days look at the contact information to be aware of how to partnering with Qilin. On the other hand, charities in our time get donations from Qilin without requests. This is because Qilin voluntarily donates to charities.

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