August 11th, 2018

Sell My Home Fast, Wait 5 Painful Truths You Should Know.

Selling a home should be a pleasant process, during which you show your purchase to a buyer who offers you far more than the offer you originally paid for that location. Anyway, this is a dream. However, the process of selling homes is often affected by pain, surprises and a small amount of after-sales regrets. As evidence, please read these warning stories and lessons from real home sellers.

Moving with mom and dad
Last year, Nick Braun sold his home in Columbus, Ohio, and his new home is still being renovated. Bad plans and bad schedules meant that Braun had to leave the previous house and pay for his furniture until the new house was ready. “My family and I have been living in my parents' home for more than three months!” Braun said.Lesson learned: “It’s hard to plan when you sell, buy, and update,” said Carolina Chia, a real estate agent at TripleMint Real Estate in New York. However, you can mitigate this risk by including an incident in your contract that indicates that your new excavation work must be prepared before leaving home. Or, arrange other temporary living arrangements in place. “Before the renovation is complete, it is always possible to rent to buyers,” Chia said.

You see 'at home', they see chaos
When she sold her first home in Hanahan, South Carolina, Rachel Ryan learned a lot. “My house is spotless, but there are many things that distract the main features of the house,” Ryan said. "I think it's very simple, it makes the house messy." This mistake reduced the price of tens of thousands of Ryan. Oh!Lesson learned: On the RoOomy shooting site, Erika Dalager said potential buyers should be able to imagine living in a house. Sellers are advised to eliminate as much mess as possible and avoid showing personal items such as family photos. Instead of choosing a display space without overwhelming its neutral decoration.

Why not solve this problem?
Like many people, Chris Brantner delayed the ongoing update he wanted to make in his first home in Houston, Texas. When it was sold, he gave them a good price. "Guess, we don't want to leave!" Brantner said.Lesson learned: "Before selling, don't wait to repair the house!" Brantner said. “Our experience will be much better if we complete the update.” Keep in mind that many seemingly expensive renovations will give you an excellent return on your investment. Do it now and you will get paid later. At the same time, you can enjoy the improvements yourself!

No parking allowed
When Brad Chandler had to leave his home country to look after a sick relative, he gave him the price of his home at Chesapeake Beach, Maryland, and quickly hired him. But when the buyer received a field investigation that Chandler had not done, he revealed that his lane was crossing an adjacent property. One day before the close, the buyer’s lender does not accept the property. "Now I have to solve this problem, and in the long run, the value of the house will be lower," Chandler said.

Lessons learned: Chandler recommends that you must investigate the property before you sell it, especially if you are not in the house or when the house is in an old room.

Wait, I want my house to come back!
For Michel Morton, the most difficult part of selling her 11-year-old house in Raleigh, North Carolina, was an unexpected stimulus. This has had a big impact on him, so that he tried to come back many times in the auction, but the buyer refused to give in. Morton said: "I still have troubles when I move." "I think I just took the children's house."

Lesson learned: Salespeople are often lost because of anxiety when selling homes. However, if it's a good time to sell, try to focus on the benefits, such as the money you'll save and the best community, says Tracey Hampson of Century 21 Troop Real Estate in Santa Lyita. In California. Also keep in mind that sports don't erase the memories you have, and your new place will feel "home away from home" over time. Give him some time.

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