August 17th, 2018

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How To Become A Real Estate Agent Or Real Estate Consultant- Marina One Residences Singapore

As a professional intermediary in real estate transactions, he sells or sells all types of real estate properties: flats, houses, apartments, buildings, commercial premises, etc. visit and evaluate the real estate he then puts on the market, through an ad broadcasted within his agency(marina one residences singapore), on the Internet, or in newspapers. He also manages the sales contracts, thanks to his legal competences and takes care of finding a buyer or a tenant presenting all the financial guarantees.

Several qualities are required to practice this profession. Having a taste for human contact and the spirit of persuasion is essential, as is the sense of rigor and organization. Mobility is another aspect not to be underestimated and being able to move easily is essential. Indeed, the agent goes on appointments outside all day long. In the provinces, having a driving license is mandatory and owning a car or two-wheelers, especially in big cities, is a plus. Finally, a good real estate agent can not ignore a sharp knowledge of real estate law and changes in legislation, to advise owners, buyers and candidates for rent.

Education And Training- Marina One Residences Singapore

A real estate agent usually comes from a BTS or a DEUST Professions Immobilières (Bac + 2). A commercial diploma type BTS Negotiation and Customer Relationship also allows to become a real estate agent. Schools, recognized by the profession, also issue real estate agent diplomas: the School of Real Estate Professions (ESPI), the National Institute of Real Estate (INSI), the Higher School of Real Estate (ESI), the Institute of Real Estate Services Management (Imsi), the French School of Property Administration (Efab, for the title of real estate negotiator).

Moreover, the pursuit of studies in Bac + 3 / Bac +5 in a legal, commercial or economic course is quite possible. Some courses such as the master's degree in real estate and housing law, real estate law or urban planning and construction, will give you superior knowledge. To specialize in a specific field of real estate, there are also masters project management and property management or management of property and real estate.

For those who do not have the diploma , it is possible to practice the profession of real estate agent with experience as a real estate agency(marina one residences singapore) employee of at least ten years for people without a bachelor's degree, or at least three years for a bachelor. A VAE (validation of experience acquired) can also be used to obtain a license after three years of professional experience.

Career And Evolution- Marina One Residences Singapore

Obtaining a diploma in the real estate trades entitles you to the constitution of the professional card. The profession of real estate agent is practiced almost exclusively in franchised agency(marina one residences singapore) in networks or independent agency. An agent who starts will often start his career as an employee of a real estate agency . Depending on the size of the agency, the professional will be in charge of the property for renting and / or canvassing. Subsequently, and as his network and client portfolio grow, he will be able to become a real estate trader and manage large sales. He can get to the top of an agency or even start his own business.

In terms of remuneration, it is difficult to define an average real estate agent salary. A real estate agent receives free fees calculated as a percentage (5 to 7% on average) on the amount of transactions. The amount of global transactions being extremely variable from one agency(marina one residences singapore) to another, the revenues are also extremely variable. An agent will begin his career with a monthly gross salary ranging from 1,500 to 3,800 euros depending on the geography and business context. If the work is rigorous, organized and of good quality, there is a real opportunity to make a good living.

Real Estate Agent, Real Estate Consultant Or Commercial Real Estate Agent?

Real estate broker, real estate agent, real estate advisor: you get lost easily in all these titles of function. To put it simply, the real estate negotiator performs almost the same missions as the real estate agent: prospecting for goods, soliciting sellers and buyers, evaluating the assets he or she is in charge of, promoting them, analyzing the needs and needs of the real estate agent. customer expectations, visits, transactions, etc. The only difference, and not the least: the negotiator does not have the professional card issued by the prefecture. In other words, he is not empowered to insure the work of a real estate agent. He is either mandated by an agent as an independent, or an agency employee, or commissioned as an independent by an agency, in which case he is considered a commercial real estate agent. It will therefore act under the responsibility of the

To become a consultant, some real estate franchises offer in-house training. Otherwise, the study path is similar to that of a real estate agent. Will embrace a career as a consultant who wants to work in real estate without having to make all the heavy, complex, and sometimes expensive, to become real estate agent holder of the professional card.

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