August 22nd, 2018

How Does Car Insurance Work In The US?

In a country as big as the United States, and even if you find yourself in a particularly well-served area, the car is an imponderable one. But once on site and your vehicle purchased, no way to drive without insurance. How does car insurance work in the United States? Price, license, registration, products, history. We approach everything here.

Cheap car insurance: what license to present to your future insurer?

First of all, we need to clarify one thing: you can not drive in the United States with your French license . Do not be foolish to drive with, because the US police will then consider you without a license! Do not make the mistake of presenting a French license to an insurance company: it will refuse you any contract. You need :

• An international permit (to be collected in France before leaving with your prefecture, sub-prefecture or town hall), but valid on the US territory only for a period of 3 months. Therefore, this license will be especially useful for renting a car. Indeed, many insurers are quite reluctant with drivers with this license.

• That is a Florida permit that you can get at the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) center in your county. By doing this, and doing it as soon as possible upon your arrival, you can get car insurance for your brand new car.

With Or Without Driver History?

Arriving in the United States without a history of car insurance, you will be offered a new driver contract. And this, even if you have 15 to 20 years driving behind and thousands of kilometers rolled. In this case, your monthly payments will be higher. However, before leaving, we recommend that you contact the company that insures your car in France and ask for an English version of your driver-insured history. By doing this, you will offer the "good graces" of some US companies that will no longer consider you a new driver. The monthly payments that will be offered to you will be less.

The 3 typical products of insurance companies

Most of the time, insurance companies will offer 3 standard products for you and your vehicle. 4 guarantees are also advanced, as we will see here.

Basic Cover

In general, the basic coverage offered by insurance companies does not apply to all 4 guarantees. Only three: namely damage to property to third parties, bodily injury to third parties or damage caused by an uninsured driver or when it is in hit-and-run behavior.

Standard Cover

The standard cover is an improved version of the basic because it includes all three warranties mentioned above, but with covers 2 to 5 times higher. It also offers an ultimate guarantee: the bodily injury caused to the driver or his passengers is also covered.

Improved coverage

The improved or premium coverage, depending on the establishment, obviously includes all 4 guarantees mentioned above, but with a much higher coverage. For example, we are talking about $ 100,000 to $ 300,000 for damage to third parties or $ 50,000 for property damage.

Average rates for car insurance in the US in 2014

To get a clearer picture of the US car insurance market today and what it has in store for you, we take this study from ValuePenguin , a US insurance and data specialist that specializes in insurance. surround. You will discover here, state by state, from Alabama to Wyoming, the average price, both monthly and yearly , of car insurance for a car.


To help you make your choice on your future insurance product and to understand what the guarantees that you will be offered, here is their translation:

      Property damage to third parties = Property Damage Liability.

     Bodily injury to third parties = Bodily Injury Liability.

      Bodily injury to the driver or his passengers = Medical Payments.

      Damage caused by uninsured or hit and run driver = Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury Liability.

If we observe disparities between states in terms of tariffs , it is because of several factors: local statistics (accidents and car theft in particular), density of traffic, density of the population or even the speed limit of state (it is not the same in all states).

Car Purchased From An Individual Or A Professional: How To Make Sure?

Buying A Used Car From An Individual

This is often the right plan when you arrive in the United States and you have already reaped many costs. This way, you will be able to equip yourself for $ 2000 minimum, but you will not have a first choice! Still, by choosing this option, you are also taking risks. Why ? Firstly because you are not sure that the car is insurable . To be clear, it is strongly advised (once the two parties have agreed on the price) to visit your future insurer, accompanied by the owner. You will then be stipulated if the gray card or "title" is clean or not. If so, then you can insure it.

Buy In Concession Or "Car Dealer"

You can only buy a car from a car dealer if you are not insured . From there, you have two solutions. The first, a bit far-fetched, is to subscribe to basic insurance for just a few days to buy your car. You will then have the freedom to choose the establishment that makes you the best offer. Especially since buying at a car dealer, you will (normally) no problem of registration. You will not get any if the car is new.

The ultimate solution is to present the "identity" of the vehicle you want to buy to an insurance company and obtain a consent to submit to your car dealer. The identity has been checked before the purchase, when the car will be yours, your insurer will then only have to ask you out the blue card.

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The Birth Of Cheap T Shirts

It's a good start to our cheap t shirts story, but it's not enough! In fact, everything started with the American soldiers ...

It is impossible to get hands on a white Cheap t shirts with short sleeves before the Second World War , it is probably for this occasion that it was invented. In any case, despite many searches, there is any trace before this event.

We can think that the US Army has sought to provide his soldiers a more practical underwear that a union follows and very simple to manufacture : no buttons and a minimum of seams! Moreover, at the time, T-shirts were tubular , that is to say that the body of the T-shirt was knitted in tube, with no stitching on the sides. The t-shirts provided comfort and at the same time good look to the soldiers.

It was quite practical because, to manage the sizing, it was enough to cut in the length and to add then a neck and sleeves.But soon, the soldiers realize that it is a very comfortable and comfortable garment , especially in hot climates. The natural stretch cotton jersey allows great freedom of movement, it can be washed easily, there is no problem of blackened collar, and the touch is softer than that of a shirt. In short, it's the ultimate garment for American soldiers.In the US Marine, for example, the soldiers were happy to be able to simply wear their T-shirt, without uniform, to perform dirty tasks. And as soon as you finish repairing a submarine engine, you just have to put on your clean uniform.

From the underwear t-shirt, we go to the outerwear. This is a big step forward in the history of the white T-shirt but it still does not tell us how it became a cult piece. This is what is fascinating with a banal white Cheap t shirts, its history and its diffusion are also the fruit of social factors ...

At the end of the Second World War, thousands of young American soldiers return from the battlefield. Except that having spent a few years at the front, they have not been able to study and do not have a lot of money. It's a hassle for them.As a sign of rebellion - and also because it's super comfortable - they decide to openly wear their white T-shirts. It may seem strange to go out in a Cheap t shirts to protest, but remember that at the time, Mr.-all-the-world wore a shirt when he went out in society, and that doing the opposite was very frowned upon.

The white Cheap t shirts has become a vector of very special messages:

"I was a soldier, do not forget me!"
"I rebel against this society which imposes the wearing of a shirt and who does not want to give me work";
"Since I'm a rebel, and my T-shirt says it, I'm cool too."
There is another point: the French also see their women seduced by Americans victorious in T-shirt. Indeed, US soldiers enjoy such an aura that they do not need much to capsize the hearts of French women, and certainly not wear their military fatigues. They can show themselves in T-shirt, it works very well! This is how, from the beginning, the white T-shirt had a "sexy" connotation in men: because it is the clothes worn by cool and victorious guys.

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The Social Aspect Of The White Funny Vintage Tees

In its obvious effortlessness, it is a piece of clothing to a great degree stacked with images, distinctive as per the occasions and the streams. Tail me to remember the astonishing story of the white Funny vintage tees in the countercultures.


The chicanes assigned before the Hispanic people group of the United States, coming about because of the Mexican resettlement. I let you envision the financial circumstance and the segregations of which they were casualties, driving some - nicknamed the pachucos - to fall into banditry.

The pachucos conveyed an extremely specific care to their feel. Before sufficiently long, the most youthful of this development expelled their shirt to uncover their white marcel and after that, after the Second World War, their white Funny vintage tees. lbeit restricted in scope - the chicanos were focused on the west shore of the nation - the white Funny vintage tees had a "sulfurous" picture out of the blue.


Regardless of whether the pachucos gave him his first drive gangsta renegade (no, this isn't the title of my next mixtape), it will be important to hold up until the start of the 50s with the goal that the white tee-shirt knows its actual development.

1951 - Marlon Brando plays in A Streetcar Named Desire, in which he deciphers a specialist of Polish inception. He will spend the entire motion picture wearing Funny vintage tees. From that point forward, he has turned into an image of the insurrectionary. The adolescent of the prevalent classes seize it, mirroring their dismissal of the traditions forced by American culture, rather than the preppy of the more common circles. We never again endeavor to coordinate a shape, society is broken and the piece of clothing interprets it. The wonder is finished by two different movies, organizers of the style of the dark coat. In 1953 destiny The Wild One (The Wild One) , again with Marlon Brando.

The titles of these movies say a lot: "the savage" for the primary, "the radical" for the second. So we take exceptionally solid characters, positions and ways of life checked. The white Funny vintage tees ends up indistinguishable. It isn't so much the dress of the hoodlums, however that of those left behind by society. These on-screen characters were genuine sex-images. Close by the petitioner viewpoint, the white Funny vintage tees has affirmed its status as a hot piece for men, mirroring their energy for ladies and adding to its promotion.


On numerous events, a white T-shirt was redirected into a politicized room. Notwithstanding being a genuine clear canvas (we draw more effectively on a white tee than a dark shirt), this is a piece of its rich history of challenge attire.

In this way, the principal printed T-shirt was made in 1948 for Thomas E. Dewey ... possibility for the White House! US Marine is likewise loan boss of the main printed white T-shirt.The utilization of tie-and-color by nonconformists is likewise not pointless. It is over every one of the an armed force piece of clothing. Take a military piece and color it in different hues to discuss love, here is a pleasant image. #Peace

Incidentally, disarming a military piece of clothing to spread a serene message, does it help you to remember anything? Other enroll. In the 1970s, New York was so set apart by wrongdoing that its tourism was to a great degree influenced. In 1977, the town corridor appointed a visual originator Milton Glaser to correct the shooting and change the picture of the city.

The arrangement has been found. This is the celebrated tee shirt I cherish NY , the most duplicated tee on the planet. So what do you say: the white T-shirt, a basic piece of clothing? What's more, the circle is finished: the white T-shirt has kept on keeping up its religion status and claim as ages. Here, it appeared to me important to follow the tale of a piece of clothing that everybody thinks to know (very amusing as well), and which, under its impressive effortlessness, nearly without intrigue, really conceals decades (hundreds of years!) social changes, reflections and functionalities notwithstanding extremely solid issues that have influenced the entire of humankind (sweat and chilly!).