August 23rd, 2018

Volcano Vaporizer Review

Volcano is a desktop evaporator made by Storz and Bickel and is currently rated as my best office evaporator. It is constructed very well and produces the best quality steam (taste, temperature, density) and is one of the easiest to use products.

It takes a few minutes to warm up, but I use it for almost five years almost every day, and it still looks like new.

This version of the Volcano evaporator will break down and compare two types of valve systems, the solid valve and the Easy Valve. In addition to reviewing the differences between numbers and classic volcano models.

Volcanic solid valve and simple valve

The solid valve is made of high quality and durable stainless steel and heat resistant plastic. The solid valve also offers a customizable balloon size. This will save you money on the balloon, but it has to be cleaned up. The chamber and nozzle have better quality in the solid valve. In general, the cost of purchasing a replacement balloon for this setup is about $5 to $10 per year.

The Easy Valve system is maintenance free. It offers a unique balloon size. The positive aspect of Easy Valve is that it will save you time due to lack of cleanliness, but the annual shipping cost will be between $25 and $50. Both types of valves have advantages and disadvantages. I prefer solid valve fittings because I like the ability to make my own balloons and have lower operating costs per year. Others will disagree, but this is only the user's preference. There are no wrong decisions here. Finally, everything depends on your opinion. If you want to avoid cleaning, choose a simple valve. If you prefer flexibility or lower recurring costs, a solid valve will be your best choice.

The volcano uses a forced ventilation system to fill the balloon. It also has several different versions to choose from, numbers and classics. I have a volcano classic, but I will continue to explain the characteristics of both.

First we have the ‘Digital’ version of the Volcano. It offers a brightly lit digital temperature display with big temperature control buttons located on the front that allow you to easy volcano-vaporizer-digit adjust the temperature. One of the best features of the Volcano Digit is the automatic shutoff timer. If the unit is on for more than 30 minutes and not being used, it will turn off your unit. The reason it does this is to save energy and this also helps to preserve the longevity of the Volcano’s heating element.

Volcano Vaporizer Digital vs Volcano Vaporizer Digital

We first have a "digital" version of the volcano. It offers a highly illuminated digital temperature display with a large temperature control button on the front for easy temperature adjustment via a volumetric spray pattern. One of the best features of the Volcano Digit is the automatic shutdown timer. If the unit is turned on for more than 30 minutes and is not used, the unit will turn off. The reason is that it saves energy, which also helps to maintain the life of the volcanic heating element.

Personally, I have a classic and I let it run most of the time. I can't recommend it to you because it will shorten the life of the device, but I use it within 4 years and it continues to work without problems, which proves the quality and robustness of the structure of this device. The downside of the digital version is that they increase the unit price by $120 compared to the classic version.

Volcano Vaporizer classical

The next available version is "Classic". Volcano Classic is an analog version. This is exactly the same as "Digital" minus the digital display and the auto-shutdown timer. As I mentioned before, this will save you $120. You don't get a digital temperature display, but the rotary dial is still very easy to use and allows you to set the device's temperature to 1 to 9. 1 is the lowest temperature setting and 9 is the highest temperature setting. Compared to the classic, my favorite method is to start the first package at level 5 and the last one at level 7.

Warranty Information: Volcano Classics, Volcano Digital (Digital), Simple Valve and Solid Valve Filling Chambers are covered for three years due to material and process defects.

Volcano Vaporizer Review Summary

In general, if you have a desktop evaporator with a proven name and path on the market, Volcano is your best choice. Whether you choose a solid or simple valve, it's up to you.

I can't say I would recommend it, just because it will cost you $120 extra "digital" version, but if you like the extra sleep timer feature, it's convenient for digital temperature display readings, so of course, go. You can purchase volcanoes from my authorized dealer by clicking here.

If you are still looking for a quality desktop evaporator, but you can't prove that the price of the volcano is reasonable, I suggest you check out the limit Q, which is a "multi-function" office spray. Balloon and whip options are available. I don't think it offers the same steam quality as a volcano, it has design flaws, but it's cheaper.

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Why Hire An Architects In Jaipur To Build Or Remodel A Home?

As a professional you will always give you different options and alternatives, evaluating not only the design needs but also the economic viability
When a house is going to be built or remodeled, most people do not consider having an expert's opinion, as they think that this would only be an additional cost to what they already have budgeted for, but what So true is that?

Actually hiring architects in Jaipur should not be seen as an unnecessary expense but as a long-term investment, since it is our family's heritage, and we must take into account that bad designs and poorly prepared work can even bring costs even more excessive with the passage of time.

That is why you should not hesitate to resort to architects in Jaipur whenever you are going to build or renovate the home, since doing this type of work, whether in a house or a building of any kind, has great complexity, even if it does not look like it, and a professional will always help to see even the smallest detail of the work.

Architects in Jaipur are specialized to project, design and direct the construction and maintenance of buildings, cities and structures of all kinds, always based on the concepts and needs of people.

By having a level of higher education, a deep technical, artistic and social training, will obviously help to project buildings, urban spaces or various structures, and ensure the proper development of its construction.

When you hire to remodel or build a house, people will obtain multiple benefits, always guaranteeing quality and professionalism, a well-conceived project that will avoid any unforeseen event.

It will also always try to harmonize to the maximum the environment where it is lived, for what undoubtedly, to contract it will manage to improve the quality of life of the users in its environment.

In addition, as a professional you will always give you different options and alternatives, trying to adjust to the budget that counts, since it not only assesses the design needs but also the economic viability.

The architect has the necessary tools to evaluate the options studied, adapting each element to the client's taste and making the most of each space.

One of the great advantages of having the professional experience of an architect, is that the results will always be good, since the originality, exclusivity and personalization of the design, make people satisfied with the work done.

Another aspect that an architect will always see is the proper use of materials and finishes, depending on their quality, beauty, durability and cost. Thus, people will have at their disposal a wide range of options in terms of colors, textures and shapes to design.

An architect also takes into account the current regulations and adapts to building safety requirements, which makes it the best option to be able to trust the integral management of the project.

Likewise, it is in charge of reviewing every detail that is presented during the process of the work, making sure that the works are carried out according to the project and solving, in turn, any unforeseen event.

An extra benefit that is had when hiring best architects in Jaipur is that they will always help people with the municipal procedures and the administrative management that is needed, such as licenses, permits, insurance, etc.

It was probably an architect who decided to eliminate the windows of all the English courts so that you lose the notion of time within them; placed in the hypermarket the products of first necessity at the bottom of it to give you a long walk, arranged meanders instead of corridors in Ikea that "force" you to visit the whole store, dispensed with physical entry barriers in Zara stores, etc. The examples are endless and faithfully reflect the importance of having a good professional to design the commercial premises of your business.

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Building A Budget Music Studio At Home

For less than 500 euros, it is possible to create your own affordable music studio to record and play like the pros. A computer, a sound card, a pair of amplified speakers, a microphone, a keyboard That's all that Stromae, the recent winner of the Victoires de la musique, has to offer to make his tracks somewhere between techno and song. French. The digital revolution has spawned new types of instruments, recording equipment and new ways of working. It is now possible to afford a affordable music studio for less than 500 euros and compete with professionals for 2,500 euros. A saving revolution as the music market collapses inescapably. System heart, any Mac computer or PC under three will do the trick. We will add an external sound card, connected to USB, to have a good audio quality and a number of inputs and outputs to connect microphones, guitars, synthesizers There are interesting products from 60 euros (Emu, M-Audio, Terratec) and professional quality under 500 euros (Motu, RME or Presonus). It is then necessary to connect a pair of amplified speakers (from 200 euros at Adam or M-Audio) to listen to the result of your work, but the hi-fi system of the show can do the trick. Finally, a Midi keyboard (like a piano keyboard) will make your life easier to drive synthesizers or just play the piano.

The deepest upheaval takes place in the virtual world with software that recreates an entire on-screen recording affordable music studio, including the multitrack tape recorder, the mixer, and every conceivable effect (reverb, delay, distortion). There are offers for the general public at Steinberg (Sequel 2 to 75 €), Magix or on the net with Reaper, a great shareware less than 30 euros. They often integrate virtual instruments to play the flute or the violin without knowing anything about it (thanks to the Midi keyboard) as well as loops (drums, guitar, sounds) to create songs easily. Latest innovation, the software for iPhone and iPad open the way to the pocket studio and can take away recreations of vintage synths (try the amazing Rebirth) or renowned pianos. It remains to have the musical ear, but that, the digital can not do anything!

Sound insulation: a box in a box

" The good handyman will be fine, there is nothing wizard, " reassures Peter immediately. Still, it is necessary to anticipate all the stages. First rule: "If the structure of the rehearsal studio is separated from the existing walls and the ceiling, you must build a box in a box. " This wooden structure must have no contact with the building, except on the ground, to avoid spreading vibrations. The 10 cm of air between this box and the walls are the first insulation. Framing bastaings serve as a support for receiving the insulation. Before even asking for insulation Pierre recommends checking two things especially. It is necessary to make plans for the electricity, to plan the location of the outlets, wiring for the microphones and helmets, lighting. But also do not  forget a VMC , even a simple flow, with 4 air extraction vents, to remove moisture.

On the frame, Pierre then posed:

      Rock wool, about 18 cm thick

      Two layers of drywall with sound insulation


Avoid angles

Double glazing allows to watch the musicians play from the control room. We enter the box by passing two identical doors, fixed face to face, on the thickness of the wooden frame. One last very important thing, which had escaped Pierre during the construction of his studio: the room must not be totally square. " Avoid right angles, the room should not be square or rectangular, otherwise the sound will bounce in all angles. "So he added some cut sections, with cleats, insulation and plasterboard, in the corners. With this treatment, the music does not get along from the rest of the house. The neighbors, whose houses are 5 or 6 meters away, have never complained.

professional recording studio setup

How To Get Emails With A Secret Online Email Extractor

Incredible, recently I saw a landing page where they promoted a typical email extractor as a " secret online email extractor " to get emails by thousands of " highly qualified prospects in minutes ". What surprised me the most was the obtaining of " highly qualified " prospects , thousands of them, in minutes. I was curious about how it is possible to get emails that way. How could this online email extractor find prospects directly on the internet? A prospect in principle is a person who has already visited our website and would be interested in our services or products. Can you locate the tool? And also highly qualified, that is, ready to buy. Does the online email extractor segment those it finds and only select those that are ready to buy?A promise undoubtedly very difficult to fulfill, really. Luckily on the web there was a video to solve all these little unimportant questions.

How to get emails with this email extractor?

Secret tool to extract emails. In reality, it's very easy. Very very easy. The online email extractor includes a box / search engine where you have to enter the term that interests you. For example, you offer email marketing services , because you put it in the search engine:

Email marketing

And the search engine shows you x pages on the screen, click on the button to extract emails and get the emails you find on those pages. And now " Wait " - I said to myself, " is this the process of getting highly qualified prospects? "Let's put aside two little things, unimportant things:

      The legality of this method to get emails (rather illegality)

      The fact that none of these people is subscribing voluntarily

I know there are companies that may be tempted by the offer of getting highly qualified prospects in minutes, thousands, and ignoring these two points. Ok, let's ignore these points, and let's analyze how this secret and ultra-advanced tool works. This tool looks for emails in all the websites found based on the search term that you put, for example "email marketing", well, we put the term and click on the button that starts the search.

But, if we look for that, the search is very likely to also include:

      Emails from competing companies that offer the same services and products as we do. Let's see, if they are companies that offer such services, they will use these terms, in the example "Companies of email marketing". Is a competing company really a potential client? A highly qualified prospect? Unlikely that a competitor who receives our offer will hire us.

      People dissatisfied with the product or service. For example, someone who on your website, a blog, a forum, etc. criticize this type of products or services because they have not worked. Is a person really unhappy with the service or product that we offer a potential client?Does the email extractor know the people who are looking for a product that they criticize about? I have my doubts about this

      People who already bought or solved their problem. Or people who are no longer interested. Normally if a person leaves a query in a forum, or in a comment of a blog, after solving their need, they do not return to delete the entry or inform that they no longer need the service. For example, if someone entered a forum in 2007 to find out about a rural house where to spend the holidays, in 2015 will you continue your search?

      Possible emails that no longer exist or even spamtraps. You may also be interested in this post: What are spam traps?

      People from other countries, who speak other languages, from segments of the population that are incompatible with your product or service, etc.

Are these really highly qualified prospects?

How do you reach that conclusion?

If all you do is copy the emails that appear on a website, and, as far as I know, until today, when someone wants to buy a product or service, you do not program a website where you request the service, or product, indicating your interest, and leave your email to receive offers. At the most, I would consult in a forum, but you can also complain, asking for a specific brand, or have 10 years of consultation. As we can see, it is impossible for this tool to compile a list of useful prospects, and much less highly qualified. All it does is copy a list of emails. I see it almost as effective as if the online email extractor generated the emails randomly. Although I saw the effectiveness of the tool, I would hire the famous tweeted chicken to invent my list of subscribers.

Conclusions about getting emails with this type of tool

In short, it only serves to spam and not get any benefit (well the person who sells the software does earn something). I understand that there is someone who can see it tempting because huge lists are generated (7,000 subscribers comments in a surprised tone the boy in the video), but boy, is much more effective (and less likely to suffer lawsuits) get on a 10th floor and start launch flyers to the air.

Launch flyers to get emails

I'm really surprised that these tools continue to be used today, but I hope that if this article is seen by someone who is considering the use of an email extractor, change his mind and save money and problems.

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Most Obvious CSGO Hacks

Cheating in Counter-Strike (CSGO HACKS): Global offensive is nothing new. If they want, professional players have been caught and punished many times and have a lot of cheat (CSGO HACKS)options: Valve's anti-cheat (CSGO HACKS) software can't capture everything. Sometimes, the fact that scammers try to cover up their unfair advantage gives them the feeling that they are only amazing games, making their accounts more uncomfortable in the middle of the game.

However, others...the others don't use the same amount of nuances and show their best traps in a plan view. Wall attacks, the ability to increase movement speed, goals, and view other information, such as the health of an opponent, are very common and often easy to hide. However, some hackers, such as the hackers mentioned below, are unlikely to be hidden, while other hackers are just examples of people who don't care if they are banned.

CSGO Wall hacks are not the best, but they make them so effective. In its simplest form, wall hackers, at least in CSGO, will show the player an overview of the opponent, regardless of their location on the map. This allows them to see the exact location of the enemy through the wall and aim accordingly. For this reason, they are also relatively easy to hide: as long as you don't look at the players directly through the wall, or if you don't try to hit them on the wall, they are hard to find.

However, the player Susanne did not attempt to hide the fact that she used wall hackers in previous videos. Its obvious goal immediately eliminated disappointment for the enemies that passed directly through the wall and the constant ambushes in the good hiding places. If they try to cover up this, they will be very bad.This video also shows that just because you turn does not mean that you are a counter-terrorist spirit. For any player level above the rookie level, the first clip of the video is unexpectedly lacking and all the video shots that need to be taken are lost. The less the grenade, the better.

Now again, the EnvyUs player, Nathan "NBK" Schmitt, will face serious scammers during the broadcast. The technique he found was obviously to use an aiming robot and a self-timer to ensure headshots when the enemy entered the same area with him. The target part aimbot automatic enemies and timers each time the ball is launched has a shot that hits the opponent, even if it is not visible, resulting in an occasional wall of stroke. While using such things is useful for cumulative death, it is obvious, similar to changing your profile name to "PLEASE_BAN_ME".

However, this is a problem: artificial intelligence in CS:GO will eliminate a small amount of hope. The same NBK managed to sum up this round by saying "just entering, seeing no one, four murders." However, the most interesting discussion comes from his mention of how you learn something while fighting against traps and how to discover new walls that can be crossed.

These professional players show that sometimes the best option is sneaky (CSGO HACKS)

Whenever people think of "Counter Strike: Global Offensive", they think of the rapid response and clutch response when the bomb exploded. But on the other hand CS:GO, the most peaceful and patient side, is also the winner of the game.

The tracker sits quietly on each team, away from fast attackers and nervous snipers. The player's job is to sneak on the map to interrupt the enemy's push and grab those who can't reach. Sometimes, rarely, the stalker gets the Holy Grail of the Enemy, and then it's just a question of how to withstand the trigger for a long time. The following is a summary of the best examples of "invisible" games in professional circuits.

He has been invisible so far this week when CSGO proved as the RPK Titan, he allowed two Na'vi players to pass a smoke in the air. After the ESL Pro's ESEA league remained quiet on Tuesday, with some flashes and three forwards, the Titans shooter almost took the whole shot, but unfortunately, his fate can only go so far, living 4K. This did not prevent Na`Vi from winning 19-16 in a completely strange series.

On Tuesday, the first round of the XIII series EnVyUS defeated Kinguin in the dust. You don't want to find a site that is as small as Kinguin's resistance in the gun, but you don't want someone to check the turn. However, Shox doesn't look like a gift horse in his mouth, because he overthrew three enemy teams in a few seconds after being discovered by the lost rain.

In the last month of ESL One Katowice, the price was $250,000