August 28th, 2018

Chunky Face Glitter- Makeup How To Tame Sequins

Rescaped in the 90s, the straw is a brilliant comeback this season. Instructions for shining in society. Derek Lam's shimmer blue shimmer on the eyelids, sequins on the lips and nails at Gucci, sequins in layering on smoky eyes at Elie Saab, silver highlight at the inner corners of the eyes at Calvin Klein ... On the mouth, the nails or melted in the skin, this season, the glitters act as accessories on the runways. Formerly reserved for American teenage girls, they are popularized and glamorized by makeup artists Way Bandy and Kevyn Aucoin in the late 80s. The following decade, they blend into transparent glosses and lacquers to give light subtly. "Today, technological advances are refining their size, their thickness and giving them more color," said Carole Colombani, make-up artist and YouTubereuse on MakeUp Is Freedom.

Eye glitter glue to use for makeup?

"Attention, they exist in different forms, which are not used for the same thing," warned Carole Colombani, who uses regularly on shootings. For a very natural glow, as radiating from the inside of the skin, we turn to micas because these minerals return the light with a very gentle reflection. They are found in illuminators , creams, foundations and blushes . "Cream or powder, whatever, it depends mainly on the rendering you want: a cream texture will blend better for more subtlety when a powder will be more glamorous," advises the make-up artist.For a slightly shinier shine, the micronized straws are only slightly wider than the mother of pearl but much brighter. "By returning light in all directions, they create micro-flashes on the skin and are in the latest generation of highlighters," she says. As for the classic straw, it is posco topcoat on a makeup, flush eyelashes or light area as the inner corner of the eye to give dimension to the look.

On which parts of the face can we apply them?

On the face, we can quite opt for a slightly pearly cream foundation but studio makeup artists prefer to create a custom glow."Mix the equivalent of a grain of rice micro-glitter in a good hazel moisturizer and gently massage the face, neck and why not the shoulders," decrypts Carole Colombani. The flicker is not visible at first, but only when you move. To refresh the complexion, we put the highlighter above the arc of the eyebrow, cupid's bow, the chin and the bridge of the nose: "but especially not on the tip, it flattens the nose flat by optical illusion, "insists the pro. For the eyes, we think of layering . A layer of pearlescent cream in base and another layer of glitter powder glitter topcoat gives size and depth to the eye."If you want to glitter your eyelashes, always choose a mascara darker than your iris not to turn off the eyes: Bordeaux or Emerald glitters in a black base for example," recommends our expert. Another option: the brown pencil inlaid with hazelnut chips. "It gives a spark to the eyes, it's very bright, more chic and subtle than a black pencil often glittery with silver." On the nails, we push the snobbery by adopting matte sequins, less girly and more elegant, which still give the reflection to the manicure. Regarding the thorny issue of the glittering mouth, it is better to avoid if you have a life out of the catwalks according to Carole Colombani: "Glitter irresistibly attract the eye and better be looked into the eyes."

Fix them as a pro

Glitter and pearls are not traditional pigments. They therefore apply differently. "They are planted and do not sweep on the skin or they will crush and extinguish their flicker." Moisten the area to be glittered with a brush impregnated with thermal water. Collect and apply the eye glitter glue with a foam or silicone applicator, which prevents them from falling by electro-droop. Then pat them with a fan brush on the complexion or flat and firm on the eyes. Fix the result by spraying a make-up fixer. Remove those that have fallen (on the ring for example) with a micro-porous plaster. This very light adhesive paper is used to attach dressings and can be found in all pharmacies. To remove make-up, remove as much of the material as you can to avoid rubbing the particles on the skin, which could scratch the sensitive skin. Then massage the areas with a cleansing oil that "captures" the flakes. Remove all with a cotton soaked in micellar water, micelles will magnetize the oil and eye glitter glue it contains.

chunky glitter craft

Origin Of Glitter- Chunky Face Glitter

They shine and it's magic! Far from being futile, sequins have been at the center of our visual culture for a very, very long time. Some people like them, but the reality is that sequins are not popular outside the world of entertainment and childhood. Yet these tiny bits of plastic shining and sneaking everywhere have a lot to tell us.

The prehistoric origins of the straw

Contrary to what one might think, straw is not a modern invention imprinted with futility: humanity uses chunky glitter craft since long before the creation of plastic. Thirty thousand years ago, our prehistoric ancestors used mica , ground with other pigments, to create a glittering effect on rock paintings, regardless of their cultural or geographical origins.The Mayans also used mica to shine the walls of their temple on certain occasions, while the Egyptian ont ne used the reflective properties of minerals, and even insect elytra to shine their faces with a thousand fires. . The fascination of women and men for things that shine is not recent, and the straw has an important place in visual culture from the first artistic gestures of humanity.

The invention of modern straw: pure chance

Mica is a mineral that is still used today to shine some paints or coatings, even if today we use more acrylic glitter, made from plastic. But the invention of the "modern" chunky glitter craft is actually accidental. In 1934, in New Jersey, the American Henry Rushman worked in a company that was looking for a way to get rid of plastic waste by grinding them. In the process of destroying waste, Rushman realizes that finely ground plastic residue (the first modern glitter) has the ability to capture light, so shine. Rushman's company, Meadowbrook Invention , still exists, and today is dedicated to the production of straws only. Sequins to which the company offers multiple applications such as makeup, fashion, greeting card design, printing or even the floor marking.If the first artificial flakes are therefore from waste, old plastic bottles that no one wanted more and which had to be disposed of, today they are made from plastic sheets reinforced with aluminum foil. This allows not only to offer a wide range of colors, but also to enhance its reflective power.

Love and dislike of the straw

Fun, pretty, resolutely kitsch, chunky glitter craft quickly become an archetype of bad taste, and especially because they are plastic products (and therefore not noble) and they are associated with manufactured products that are of futility. The world of the spectacle in particular seizes this brilliant powder which gives a surplus of magic to the most extravagant outfits of the cabaret or the carnival. The music scene also falls literally in love with the glitter, the glam rock and disco movements being perfect examples. But closer to us, the pop does not sulk its pleasure, and the most famous as Rihanna or Lady Gaga were covered with glitter, whether via clothing or makeup. Referring to a fairy and childlike fantasy, sequins spread particularly on the "girly" universe of young girls strongly influenced by a princess fantasy developed especially by the Disney license. An association of the magical and the feminine that continues into adult sexuality, with the annoying scandal of chunky glitter craft in internal body parts that is actually closer to the hoax than reality.

Glitter art

The world of art itself is a victim of the screed of good taste, and the precious oil on canvas seems ever more aesthetically considered than the futile glitter. However, as early as 1973, the French artist Robert Malaval puts a spangle in his paintings. A pictorial approach that reintroduces a parameter in the appreciation of color: the scintillating.

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The 5 Most Awkward CSGO Hacks Pro Bans

Another person bites the dust in the air, making the total "too much", so there are five worst ones here.

In recent months, Valve has discovered new counter-strike hackers (CSGO Hacks). But large-scale abandoned networks have captured larger catches, with small fish and blue-skinned fish, which are usually banned in the waves. In the most recent incident, ESP Flex was on the receiving end of the live track of the hammering track, leaving the pot and his teammates in an awkward position.

But this is not the first time this has happened, although it seems impossible. Whenever Steam sells CS:GO at a reduced price, thousands of new accounts are purchased to get new opportunities to play with hackers. Unfortunately, some professionals are caught up in this situation, and finally, Valve sends them to VACation. Here are some of the embarrassing situations in which some people enjoy public dissatisfaction during CSGO's professional free time.

CSGO Hacks- Flex, ESP against Papy Beret

The third-level game in the US league has not yet promised a lot of fireworks, but I am very happy with him when I watched the TV from ESEA. After commenting that ESP was surprisingly strong in the face of strong opposition, the news from the console told them the possible reasons.

Flex that only replaces ESP is kicked out of the local server to cheat. "Everything is very hasty, we only need to play two games," the captain of the esp godson team said in the Reddit thread. “We don’t think anyone is cheating, and no one on our team will do it on purpose.”

CSGO Hacks- Emilio, Team Property vs HellRaisers

However, it is not only a downgrade to the low-level game in the period of the Ukrainian and Hellraisers property between the Swedish team's main Fragbite game this outdoor ban courtesy before the DreamHack Winter Games 2014 is probably the most interesting, most cringeworthy in the news from the console Immediately after the appearance, the player Joel "Emili0ooo" Mako is banned by VAC.

The Semmler wheel and Anders struggle to find the words, and S1mple, coincidentally the view on the screen was just frozen (AWP), which seemed to be a timeless one. They still have not interrupted the tour. amazing

Hovik "KQLY" Tovmassian, Titan

Imagine this scenario: six hours before your flight starts, participate in the CS:GO calendar, DreamHack Winter. Your team is eligible to participate in the finals and tends to win or at least win. Before you leave, you have only a well-deserved night break. But Valve has other projects for you to use.

The VAC ban KQLY shocked many members of the community to its core, but no more than Adil "screams" Benrlitom this KQLY replaced Titan in front of DreamHack. His reaction to the news, as he said, explains everything. "Really, isn't it true?!" Isn't it? NOOOO. "You can see everything on YouTube [beware of strong language].

Gordon "Sf" Giry, Epsilon Gaming

In the same wave of KQLY banned up, a small amount was also disqualified from the competition DreamHack winter people found that SF used the same hacking attack. This move, first detected ESEA's server, which led to the ban of other professionals, Simon "SMN" Baker was just before DreamHack's global program, causing a commotion.

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How To Detect A CSGO Cheat In The Counter-Strike

We give you the keys to detect and denounce a cheat in the CSGO.

Over the weekend, Valve has dedicated himself to updating his list of CSGO cheats: Global Offensive. Some of the names that appear in it are very familiar to the followers of the CSGO : Hovik "KQLY" Tovmassian or Epsilon's Gordon "SF" Giry were banned a few hours before they were ready to travel to Sweden to participate in the DreamHack Winter, forcing the tournament to expel his two teams.

Although those who have been caught are on VACations, the haunting ghost continues to raise suspicions. It even casts doubt on some of the best moments that we have experienced in the Counter-Strike, such as the incredible jump-shot of KQLY that served to kill USP in the ESL One - you can watch the video below. So what should be done to prevent false accusations? Or on the contrary, to catch a hacker with his hands in the code? Here we give you some tips to detect a cheater, as well as the steps you should take when you meet one.

Cheating is easy ...

The first thing you have to be clear about is that there are many types of CSGO Cheats and that they are all quite easy to install. Most hackers are not too good at hiding what they do - what is good for you, because it will be easy to unmask them and, at the same time, bad because it means that anyone can use them. We have divided into categories the different CSGO Cheats that you can find:

    Wall CSGO Cheats : It is quite common to accuse someone when you do not see who has killed you and you think you have been shot through the wall. There are also tricks that allow you to see the contours of your rivals (as in the viewer mode). This is one of the most flagrant tricks.

    Aimbots and triggerbots: this trick is used for the player to be assisted when he points to other players, shooting automatically as soon as one of his enemies enters his field of vision. The triggerbots, likewise, allow you to improve your reaction time. They can be very obvious, or quite subtle.

    The "ESP" hack: gives you 'extra sensory powers' to know the ammunition and health that is left to your opponent, and know where it is. It also allows you to raise the sound of shots or distant footsteps.

    Mobility CSGO Cheats: this trick has many 'possibilities': from increasing your speed to teleporting to any point on the map. It also includes the 'ghost' effect, which allows you to traverse solid objects such as walls. However, it is rare and has almost been eradicated from the game.

    That I am looking for: That someone is better than you does not mean that he is cheating. Now, there are ways to check if something "weird" is happening. The best thing you can do is review the replays of the game. It will be difficult to discover the use of aims or triggers, but the wallhacking will be very evident.

Unless the hacker is an expert, in the viewer mode you can see their reactions to the other players. Their behavior will give them away: if you start to shoot people from several buildings on the map, go ahead, report them!

If you still have doubts ("Is it possible that your reaction is so quick?"), Do some research. In the ranking table ('TAB' key) you can click on the name of the suspect and see his profile in the CSGO profile.

First you have to look at their abilities and their level. This is important because some high level players use smurf accounts to troll or practice. In that case, check your profile on Steam. Some details that may be key: how many hours have you played and your VAC status. If he is above 300, his abilities are decent, but below 50 he is forcing luck ... It goes without saying that if they have been caught before, it is very likely that they will try again. It is not especially significant that his profile on Steam is private, but most hackers keep it hidden.

If after all this you think you have found a hacker, right click on his name and denounce him. Overwatch, the team of experts that reviews the reports, will go to work and determine if he is guilty or innocent. Reporting is the first step. Make sure the cheats never reach the pro level.

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Best Protein Shakes For Weight Gain- Tricks For More Calories

To increase, you should especially fancy with fats. Fats have the highest energy density (9.3 calories per gram). That's why our body, by the way, stores fat as energy storage. How can this be put into practice? When clients want to gain weight from me, I start with a shake (often after a workout or in the morning), besides writing down the meals and thus monitoring the increase. There are far more efficient options than the often preferred mass gainers. If a decent protein shake with eg 80g whey and 300g whole milk (of course no low-fat) is not enough, you can use cream instead of milk. If this is still not enough, oil is added. Alone 100ml of oil already have almost 1,000 calories.

There may be another maltodextrin or we make a cereal and pack another 200g of oatmeal with flaxseed. Quickly you get such a breakfast of about 2,000kcal out, which has done the job in most cases. Trail mix is ​​also a great way to get calories on the list. A bag of about 200g already have over 1,000 calories. What I absolutely refrain from is the pointless stuffing with hypercaloric (many calorie) fast food. Although I do not like to disgust foods, the trans fats they contain are not good for the body. Nasty acne and a constantly full feeling come to it. If you're not sure how much you should eat, the following formula is a good starting point: your body weight x 40. Start with it for 4 weeks and see how your weight develops. If it does not go up.

Cardio is the "hardgainer's" devil

Cardio as "Hardgainer" is an absolute No Go! Burning valuable calories should be avoided at all costs. The best form of cardio is never cardio. If you can avoid it, you should do it. As a hardgainer you often have the luxury of not needing cardio. Even professional bodybuilders do not do cardio if your metabolism allows it.

"Hardgainer" should train with heavy weights

A heavy strength training should be the basis of sport for every "hard gainer". High repetition numbers do not set the right stimuli. Roughly speaking, you should not do more than 12 reps per set. Basic exercises with free weights should be preferred: squats, deadlifts and bench presses with the barbell bar should be the cornerstones of the workout. There are also dips and pull-ups. Most likely I can recommend heavy programs like 5 × 5, Starting Strength, Sheiko or Smolov. Important is the so-called "Progressive Overload", so that one regularly increases with the weight in small steps, and that one sets growth stimuli with heavy weight.

Hardgainers should eat several meals a day

The myth that one should eat several meals a day in order to stimulate the metabolism is unfortunately widespread. In principle, it does not matter if you eat 2 or 8 times a day - the calorie balance is important. However, for "hardgainers" who are less hungry anyway, it is easier to eat more if they eat more often a day. Therefore, they should eat at least 5, if not 6-7 times a day. I hope these tips really take you further.

Frequently asked questions about Hardgainer

I often receive the same questions via email, so here are questions and answers. All questions and answers were actually written this way.

Question 1:

"I myself am a hardgainer with 67kg to 180cm.

I train a lot of wrestling (2-3 min./week) and burn a lot of calories, I suppose. The training is indispensable for me. My question: Can I still take weight by possibly calorie surplus on training days.

How and when should I organize strength or wrestler training together? That means strength training always before / after wrestling? What about regeneration in the week?

My absolute goal would be 74 / 75kg. "

Answer 1:

"You should definitely keep your training and yes, it is absolutely possible for you to gain weight. If you have problems gaining weight, you should consider eating more calories on non-workout days. If possible, try to do strength training around the wrestling, on days when you are not wrestling. Otherwise, it does not matter if you do strength training before or after wrestling. Surely you do not have much time, so it's enough to concentrate on one basic exercise (Squat, Deadlift, Press, Bench) and 1-2 additional exercises per unit. Maybe a Wendler 531 program would be good for you - give it a try!

The extra calories you should be able to recover from training without problems - as long as you do anything crazy ;-). "

Question 2:

What about keeping weight after you've built up? Will you still have a daily requirement of 3000/4000 calories and have to eat 6/7 a day?

Answer 2:

" After you gain weight, you have a higher basic need. That means if you want to keep weight, you will still have to eat more calories, but not as many as you needed to build.

Say your current basic requirement is 2,500 calories and you eat 3,000 to gain weight. After you have gained 5 kilos, your basic requirement is 2,600 calories. You no longer have to eat 3,000kcal to keep, but 2,600. The numbers are just examples, in the end, it will be for each individual. "


Cannabis Dui- Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs

People who are drug-impaired are not safe drivers because of the effects of the drug on the body. Impaired drivers endanger everyone, including those who are on the road as well as pedestrians or their own passengers. In addition, impaired driving by the effect of the drug is illegal and can result in severe penalties, up to and including life imprisonment in the event of death. On April 13, 2017, we introduced legislation to strengthen the law on drug (Cannabis Dui)- impaired driving and protect you from impaired driving through the effects of drugs. Learn more about the risks of driving while impaired by the effect of the drug.

On this page we discuss cannabis dui test

      Risks related to driving while impaired by the effect of drugs

      The drugs that contribute to collisions

      Teenagers, drugs and driving: advice to parents

      Acquire help

Risks related to driving while impaired by the effect of drugs

When driving a vehicle, your brain must remain alert and focused. Even very small amounts of drugs can affect your ability to drive safely. The various drugs act on your brain in different ways, but almost all of them interfere with the following abilities:


      The jugement

      Motor skills

      The reaction time

      Decision-making skills

      Balance and coordination

Severe accidents can easily occur when driving under the influence of drugs (Cannabis Dui). Many drivers with accidents can have both drugs and alcohol in their body. Using a breathalyzer, officers are able to identify drivers who are impaired by alcohol. Police officers across the country who are trained as drug recognition experts have the tools and skills to determine if a person is under the influence of drugs (Cannabis Dui).

The drugs that contribute to collisions

International studies of vehicle accidents show that the drugs most often involved in accidents (after alcohol) include:

      Cannabis (marijuana)





The ability to drive is further reduced when drivers consume cannabis and alcohol at the same time. Prescription drugs can also affect the ability to drive. Legitimate medications, such as opioid analgesics and benzodiazepines (prescribed for anxiety or sleep disorders), can affect a person's ability to safely control a moving vehicle. Pharmacists recommend that people who use these medications avoid using a machine, including any motor vehicle, for a period of time after taking the medication. People who consume these drugs to feel euphoric may not even be aware of this danger.

Teenagers, drugs and driving: advice to parents

Many road accidents involving teenagers are caused by inexperience and lack of judgment. When these factors are combined with alcohol, cannabis or other drugs, the consequences can be tragic. Parents play a vital role in teaching young people about responsible driving. As such, they must teach young people to avoid driving while under the influence (cannabis dui) of alcohol or drugs. There is no safe consumption limit for young drivers, since even a single drink or a small amount of drugs can affect them.

Parents can:

      Discuss how drugs and alcohol can impair driving ability, affect perception and slow down reflexes

      Remind teens that it is still illegal and dangerous to drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol

      Make it clear that the use of alcohol, cannabis or other drugs makes driving a dangerous vehicle

      Discuss the dangers of boarding a vehicle whose driver has been drinking or using drugs

      Adopt a safe model behavior by never driving a vehicle while impaired

cannabis dui deaths

Relationship between cannabis use and dangerous driving

The US government has just released a controversial study showing a lower risk of road accidents under weed than under the influence of alcohol. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently released the results of its investigation into the influence of drugs and alcohol on driving. The results are surprising and seem to go against all the preconceived ideas of the collective imagination. Of course, for the common good, the car should only be used when the driver is sober. However, the study goes so far as to say that the risk of accidents does not vary much according to whether the driver has used cannabis or is perfectly sober. While a blood alcohol level of 0.05% (or 50 milligrams per 100 milliliters of blood) increases the risk of an accident sevenfold , cannabis would only affect much less. The statistics on this drug and its driving risk are not formally determined, however, which greatly questions the legitimacy of this study.

Results still unstable

Alcohol seems more predictable than drugs. However, the reaction of each to THC, a molecule with psychoactive properties present in cannabis, currently seems too random to be properly studied. The study in question rejects the lack of full involvement of cannabis in road accidents but still speaks of a risk lighter than that attributed by common sense. The United States, a country that legalizes marijuana in some of its states , is still in the early stages of managing this drug. This study, which reassures people about the dangers of cannabis in the public space shared by users, yet remains cleaving and mobilizes the antis. Thanks to another study by the same organization, opponents of the legalization of cannabis seize an argument to show the dangers of legalization: the number of cannabis-positive drivers during the nights of the weekend has passed from 8.6 to 12.6% between 2007 and 2014 on the roads of Colorado . However, the effects of this increase, all in all logical following the legalization, remain to be relativized. In the absence of a better knowledge of the effects of cannabis, it is still impossible to judge definitively the risks of driving after consumption.

Cannabis and driving under the influence of cannabis in Canada. Consequently, the detrimental consequences of this psychoactive substance on road safety deserve serious consideration. This study investigated the relationship between cannabis use and reckless driving. The sample included men and women between the ages of 17 and 69, holding a valid driver's license issued by the province of Quebec. Participants completed self-reported questionnaires with a standardized protocol. Hierarchical linear regression analyzes showed the importance of the use of a predictor of risky and aggressive driving even after controlling statistically for age, gender and driving exposure. Logistic regression analyzes indicates that the use of an offense for the purpose of a Highway Safety Code offense. Furthermore, the occasional cannabis consumption among individuals aged 35 years or more was associated with an increased risk of road collision. The results show that they are used for the purpose of "problem behavior".


The prevalence of cannabis use and driving under the influence of cannabis is on the rise in Canada. Therefore, it is important to study the deleterious effects of this psychoactive substance (PPS) on road safety. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the links between cannabis use and unsafe driving with a sample of Quebec drivers. Hierarchical linear regression analyzes highlight the importance of cannabis use as a predictor of risk-taking on the road and aggression at the wheel, even after statistical age control, gender and exposure to driving. Logistic regression analyzes indicate that cannabis use is associated with an increased risk of receiving a contravention resulting from a violation of the Highway Safety Code. In addition, it appears that occasional cannabis use in individuals 35 years of age and older is associated with a higher risk of being involved in a crash. The overall results indicate that cannabis use and unsafe driving are interrelated, supporting the "problem" behavioral theory.

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Courier Transport: Risks And Responsibilities

The risks

Whatever the mode of transport chosen (road, rail, sea, river or air), the goods are exposed to many risks, such as deteriorations, missing, or weight losses, resulting from:

ordinary risks: accident or transport event, fire or "wet";

exceptional risks: strike, robbery, riot, act of terrorism or war. It is therefore important to be well insured and to clearly define the scope of the risks covered. Below we discuss the responsibilities and risks of courier insurance transportation.


When claiming damages, the consignee of the goods does not have to prove the fault of the carrier who is presumed responsible from the moment the actual loss or damage during transport is demonstrated. However, in domestic or international transport, there are cases of exemption of carriers from liability. The latter also benefit from limitations of liability: except in the case of gross or inexcusable misconduct on their part, they are entitled to refund only part of the real value of the damaged goods.

Courier transport insurance

In view of the carrier's liability limitations, the shipper has a definite interest in insuring the goods himself.

Shipping by sea

Marine insurance policies cover the various risks that may affect goods:

the particular damages;

general average;

war risks and similar (special agreements).

They guarantee all transport, including ancillary transport by land, river or air. The insurance applies until the cargo enters the consignee's warehouses; it shall cease, at the latest, sixty days after the unloading of the last seagoing vessel.

Warranty formulas

Marine insurers offer two types of cover: "All Risks" insurance covers all property damage and loss caused to objects insured during the trip (including weight or quantity losses), subject to the exclusions and limitations of the contract; the "FAP except" insurance, which is more restrictive, guarantees damages and losses resulting from the events listed in the contract only. These are all the "major events" of transport: sinking, collision, natural disaster, etc. Any other type of insurance may be agreed, the guarantee offered being suitable for any particular case.

Land transport

The insurance of goods transported by land is the subject of a model insurance contract. The insured can claim either an "all-risk" guarantee, which covers all damages, including disappearances and theft, or a more restrictive guarantee, which covers the consequences of "characterized events" listed in the insurance contract of the company. As with marine insurance, the shipper has the choice between a travel policy, a policy to feed, a policy of subscription or a policy third-party shipper. Insured goods are covered from "store to shop": the guarantee takes effect when the goods are handed over to the first carrier and ceases on delivery to the consignee.

Transport by air

Insurance for goods transported by air is subject to an adapted policy. This policy guarantees "all risks" objects transported by plane and by preliminary or complementary transport, land or river. The insurance contract is governed by the same provisions as the other courier insurance insurances, but the guarantee ceases at the end of a period of fifteen days from the date of arrival of the aircraft to the destination airport. This period may be extended, subject to special agreement and surcharge, until the goods arrive at the recipient's stores.

Inland waterway transport

Unless otherwise agreed, the insured goods are covered from "store to shop": the guarantee takes effect at the extreme point of departure of the insured trip and ceases when they are landed in the recipient's stores, the duration of the insurance cannot be however, exceed a period of fifteen days calculated since the end of the unloading of insured goods from the riverboat.

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Create A Courier Transport Business: Regulations

Regulations for the transport of goods by light vehicle. Creating a light goods transport business requires the appointment of a transport manager (for example the company manager), who is responsible for and responsible for transport activities:

      he is in charge of the maintenance of the transport vehicles,

      he is responsible for accounting and contracts and transport documents,

      he is responsible for the loadings assigned to drivers and vehicles,

      he takes care of security procedures.

This person must reside in the European Union. A criminal record check is carried out. She must hold a certificate of professional capacity in light road transport of goods issued by the regional prefect. This requires: pass a written examination following a compulsory training of 105 hours (in an organization approved by the Prefecture), hold the Professional Bachelor's degree in Transportation Operations or Transportation, have continuously managed a road haulage business in the European Union for 2 years during the last 10 years. To practice the profession of road courier carrier, you must make the request to the regional prefect. The authorization gives rise to an entry in the National Register of Road Transport Undertakings and the issuance of the inland transport license for a period of 10 years renewable (the license is not transferable). In addition, it should be noted the obligation to keep on board each vehicle certain documents:

      copy of the internal transport license (the license must be kept within the company),

      a copy of the prospective lease,

      a copy of the national or international consignment note.

Other obligations:

      obligation to inform the client of the quantity of greenhouse gases emitted,

      the company is responsible for the loss of the objects transported, except in cases of force majeure,

Finally, road hauliers can use subcontracting only if they have the status of cheap courier insurance forwarder. Regulations for the transport of goods in heavy trucks. The regulations are identical to those described above, but the written exam is more complete, it is annual and national (register at least 2 months in advance, information from the DREAL). Entry in the Register results in the issue of the Community license for vehicles with a maximum permissible weight exceeding 3.5 tonnes. Note the additional regulations related to the transport of dangerous goods and international road transport.

Which legal regime should be chosen to create a courier transport business?

Reminder: Create a cheap courier insurance transport company is done at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Here are the different legal statuses possible to create your business of transport and delivery of goods and parcels:

      The micro-enterprise (eg auto-entrepreneur regime): this is a very simplified status and suitable for small business, at least at the start,

      The sole proprietorship (EI): it is a status that we do not advise because it can reserve some surprises in terms of payment of social charges; since the latter are calculated on profits, they are likely to vary greatly from one year to the next,

      The EIRL : same remark as for the EI. However, the EIRL makes it possible to protect one's personal patrimony better than in EI,

      The EURL (SARL with sole partner) or the SARL : it is a suitable status. The company manager determines his own remuneration, which serves as a basis for the calculation of social security contributions,

      The SAS or SASU : the legal system is very suitable.

In the end, the most appropriate legal regime if you are alone is that of the SASU; it avoids social security for the self-employed (formerly RSI). Click here to access our online SASU creation offer (the cheapest price on the market).

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