August 30th, 2018

How To Make Money With Micro Niches And Amazon Affiliate Websites?

In this article we will see how to create a site in a micro niche and how to manage to monetize it quickly enough even if you start from scratch. You can learn how to create successful sites in different micro niches to generate recurring online earnings. There are hundreds of ways to make money online and there are actually thousands of revenue generating amazon affiliate websites. One of the methods that always works, as an online earning strategy, is blogging and affiliate sites . There are two ways to make money with a blog:

Create an authority amazon affiliate websites 

Build amazon affiliate websites Or blogs of micro niches. Let's see how to create from scratch sites to be monetized in various micro-niches. Some questions we will answer are:

What is a micro-niche site?

      The difference between a micro-niche site and an authoritative site

      How to set up a amazon affiliate websites  in a micro-niche

      Searching for keywords for a micro-niche site

      How to write the first post

      With what kind of affiliate monetize, in a simple way, a micro-niche site

      The best options available to create a micro-niche site

The benefits of micro-niche sites(amazon affiliate websites)

Micro-niche sites require less work, a lower initial investment, are easier to index and monetize and the best thing is that they are the ideal solution for those starting with affiliations. With a site in a micro-niche, or multiple sites in different micro-niches and niches, you can generate passive earnings every month.

What is a micro-niche site?

A micro-niche site is a website focused on a single sub-niche (a niche so specific that it can be called a micro-niche). I'll give you some examples: a site in a micro-niche could be a site on teeth whitening (Beauty and Well-being-> Dental health-> White teeth); or a site on what are the best training weights for teenagers or even a blog on Rolex Daytona (Fitness-> Fitness Equipment-> Fitness Equipment for Teen Boys 13/19). Or a site on the best tennis rackets (Sport-> Tennis-> Tennis Equipment-> Tennis Rackets .

The difference between a micro-niche site and an authoritative site

An authoritative site is a site that deals with a niche in every aspect and in-depth while in a micro-niche site, as we have seen in the examples above, the focus is on one very specific aspect. Some of the differences compared to the two types of site are the following: a micro-niche website or blog is easier and faster to index than an authoritative site; a site in a micro-niche requires a minimum initial investment while an authoritative site is more demanding from a financial point of view. A micro-niche site generally revolves around a few targeted and specific keywords.

A micro-niche site is faster and easier to index and monetize but it is also true that being so specific it is aimed at a reduced public and therefore the earnings are lower than an authoritative site. This is why it is advisable to have multiple amazon affiliate websites in different micro-niches.

But why will people buy what they recommend?

People will buy what you advice because thanks to a blog you will be able to be credible, you will become an "expert" of a certain specific topic also because you will treat only that product and then become the reference figure that advises products in that micro niccia. Find the micro niche and search for keywords for your site. The most important things to consider when choosing a micro niche are public interest, opportunities for monetizing the topic and interest on your part.

In order to generate earnings, your amazon affiliate websites (however specific and sector) must have an audience of interested people willing to spend. If you take care of something that nobody is looking for and nobody cares about, you're wasting your time. Another suggestion is not to choose a micro-niche in which there is a lot of competition. Given that these are micro-niches, the public is reduced and so it is good that the offer does not exceed the demand. If you do not have ideas you can take a cue in a newsstand, in the bookstore , or in sites that offer courses in various sectors such as: to name one but there are plenty of them. The advantage of this amazon affiliate websites is that it provides the " rating " for each course which is a significant element because it gives you an idea of ​​the public's interest in that topic.

ready made amazon affiliate sites

How To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Websites?

Amazon affiliate, partner or sale of items, Amazon is a platform that offers many options to earn money. Amazon is one of the world's most trusted online retail sites. Its creator Jeff Bezos created the concept in 1994. In its beginnings, the site was intended for the sale of books. Currently, it has diversified and offers thousands of other products, other than books. Thanks to this, many people have been able to consider making money with Amazon . This is a good alternative to make money.

Make money with the Amazon Affiliate Websites

The affiliate system that many sites are currently implementing was originally an Amazon idea. This principle offers a very simple operation that is to recommend a product that is available on the site. It's a pretty good program for those who know how to exploit it. Indeed, there are many virtual shops where it is possible to find branded products or not.

The large number of products put on sale on the site allows to have an innumerable choice. This is a considerable asset for buyers and sellers. Another important asset that makes the Amazon Affiliate Program interesting is that the big brands have also decided to sell their products there. To succeed the amazon affiliation, it is important to choose what you are going to sell. With the large number of products available on the site, the choice of product to recommend is problematic. Yet to succeed the Amazon affiliation, the best thing to do is to choose a product that we know well enough and that we have already used if possible. In general, this system of affiliation is especially profitable when one has a site or a blog which introduces the articles.

Integrate the Amazon Affiliate Program with the Amazon Affiliate Websites

To be able to profit and make money with Amazon, thanks to its affiliate program, you have to go through several steps.


The first thing to do is to register. However, if you already have a customer account, this is enough to open an account for the affiliate program. The "Partner Club" section is open to anyone who wants to open a new account. The principle is quite simple, just open an account and fill in some points including about the site or blog as appropriate. When the registration is validated by Amazon, it then provides a number that is called "the partner number". It will be necessary to access the service amazon affiliate.

Choose your payment method

When the account is open, do not forget to specify the method of payment. There are two types of payment method. The first is by gift voucher which is available from 25 € of gain. There is also the check which is available from 50 € of gain.

Insert the Amazon link on the Amazon Affiliate Websites

Before inserting the Amazon link to the article to offer visitors, you must choose it first. The site offers a catalog of its articles. It has more than one million which offers a very wide choice. Then you have to propose the chosen article. To create an affiliate link and make money with Amazon, the platform offers 3 types of tools: a text / product link, advertising banners or a partner toolbar.

Know the rate of pay as an Amazon affiliate

To be paid by the amazon affiliation, the visitor of the amazon affiliate websites, blog or content site must have clicked on the link that has been developed above. The commissions are paid back to the account when the item in question was sent by Amazon to the customer. It is important to make some differences on this subject. An order placed by a visitor to an affiliate site does not mean that the owner will receive a commission.

Similarly, when the product is returned, the commission is not collected. It is therefore necessary that an article be sold and not returned to confirm the commission. It is in this way that the partner amazon remunerates the affiliates. The pay rate of the platform varies between 5% and 15%. There are two types of commission rates:

The fixed commission rate, depends on the product. But for each item, the rate stays fixed. The variable commission rate depends on the number of products sold. The start rate is 5%. To learn a little more about this issue of rates of pay, the platform brings a little more explanation in its page dedicated to the Partner Club. In addition to the Amazon Affiliate Program, there is another way to make money on the platform. It's becoming a seller.