August 31st, 2018

Omega Speedmaster 3570.50 Review

All About Speedmaster Watches

At Omega, there are two iconic collections, the Seamaster collection and the Speedmaster collection that we are going to talk about here. Born in 1957, the new Omega Speedmaster watch, nicknamed the omega speedmaster moonwatch, quickly meets its audience, thanks to its unparalleled style, but also thanks to the precision, robustness and readability it shows. In July 1969, the chronograph becomes a legend by accompanying the first American astronauts on the Moon! Adopted by NASA for a precise, reliable and robust watch for its space missions, the Omega Speedmaster is the first watch in the world to have "set foot" on the Moon on July 21, 1969, hanging on the wrist of Buzz Aldrin, the companion and witness in the first lodge of Neil Armstrong's speech "... It's a small step for the man, a big step for humanity ... " For the record, only Buzz Aldrin wore his Omega Speedmaster Professional on the lunar floor, Neil Armstrong having left it inside the shuttle to shelter a Speedmaster, the chronograph being in breakdown...

Thus was born the legend of the Omega Speedmaster, a chronograph adopted by the American space agency that has left its mark on the history of Haute Horlogerie, a watch having even received the highest distinction awarded to a partner of NASA following its role during the Apollo 13 mission where it allowed to time the exact ignition time of the rockets of the capsule allowing the astronauts to return safely into the atmosphere ...

Omega Speedmaster Watches

While one might believe with such a rich history that the prices of Omega Speedmaster fly away, this is not the case for the delight of fans of exceptional watches! The Omega Speedmaster entry-level models are priced around 3,000 euros for the new one. Without having to put more than 10 00 euros in your watch, you will have access to an impressive selection of watches from the Speedmaster collection. Fans of vintage models, the second-hand market is also full of this model at prices inevitably lower, with the exception of some legendary models or limited edition of course ...

Omega Speedmaster watches style

The Omega Speedmaster owes its success not only to its history, but also to its style. A chronograph, recognizable by its two or three counters on the often black dial, its tachymetric scale on its bezel and luminescent hands. The style of the Omega Speedmaster is multiple, both sporty and elegant, whether you are the next lunar expedition, or the next fashionable chic gala, this timepiece will complement your outfit ... Models for women, usually with smaller housings, are also offered by the Swiss brand. The model has its aficionados on the side of the stars, the omega speedmaster moonwatch has already appeared on the wrist of Jean Dujardin, Michael Schumacher, Steve Carell, Tom Hanks ...

Why buy a Omega Speedmaster watch?

Buying an Omega Speedmaster is more than buying a simple watch, it's buying a watch with a history, a mythical model that has marked history. Both sporty and elegant, the omega speedmaster moonwatch adapts to your style of the moment. More than words, now is the time to discover the entire collection in pictures ...

omega speedmaster professional

Slot Games- Video Slots

Like many casino games, slot machines also have their own variants ! Indeed, there are different versions of slots available in land based gaming establishments and on online casinos. In this article, we have chosen to focus more specifically on video slots. In order to help you become familiar with the principle of the latter, we have concocted this complete article that will tell you more about this very popular variant.

Slot games- How they work

Video slots generally have between four and five reels and twenty-five paylines. Thus, these slots are very profitable for the players since they allow them to win much more substantial gains than on conventional slot machines. On the other hand, remember that the number of lines of a slot machine will also affect the amount you have to bet on your spins. Indeed, if a slot machine consists of 30 paylines, the player will increase his chances of victory by 30, but he will also have to bet a larger amount if he wants to play on all the lines.

Aside from these features, the principle of video slots is strictly the same as the classic version! You will have to align the right symbols to win winnings during the game. It will not be very difficult to get used to this version of the famous casino game.

Slot games- Their winning abilities

Slot machine fans know that new slots prototypes are generally much more lucrative than old ones. Thus, video slots are no exception to the rule although this version is as easy to use as its elder and also does not require any special skills. However, we strongly advise you to thoroughly analyze the payment table of a machine before starting a game. In this way, you will be absolutely certain to play on a lucrative machine. In addition, we also advise you to take into account the rate of redistribution of the casino that you have chosen in order to put the maximum chances on your side to win winnings.

Slot games- The diversity of themes

Video Slots are arguably the most represented variant on online casinos. Thus, you will be able to find a great diversity of themes on this version. Indeed, virtual slot developers must offer a very varied game portfolio so that each player can find the game that suits him best. Therefore, if you want to vary your best parts, it is to this variant that we advise you to head.

In addition, if you also want to have fun when you start an online slot game, this version is also preferred! Indeed, some publishers put the package on these games and you will enjoy a totally crazy online gaming experience!

games slot

9Slot Online- Multi-Line Slot Machines

Among the various variants of slot machines, there are some that will be able to make you win a real little money. Indeed, not all slots are as rewarding as the others. For example, the ones we are going to present in this article, the multi-line slot machines, are particularly profitable for the players since they allow them to win a lot of money thanks to multiple combinations. Multi-line slot machines include many other variants such as machines with three lines, twenty-five lines or forty lines. Let's see in more detail the particularities of these very lucrative slots.

Slot Online- How they work

If you're used to playing slots, you probably know that conventional machines have only three reels and one payline. Thus, your chances of winning this version are tiny. In contrast, multi-line slots generally have five reels and multiple paylines. Indeed, some slots alone count 40 lines, so it is much easier for players to win winnings on them. Why ? Everything will be explained on the.

The principle of multi-line slot machines and the same as that of the classic version. Indeed, you will have to align several identical symbols to be able to earn money. You will be able to take advantage of multiple winning combinations thanks to this version. For example, if you decide to play on a machine with twenty-five paylines, you can bet on all the lines per turn. In this way, you will greatly increase your chances of winning.

Slot Online- Their winning abilities

As we said above, with multi-line slots, players can win huge winnings in one round. For this, the winning combination must appear on more than one payment line. So, even if you choose to bet small amounts, you can win big if luck smiles on you. If you want to make the most of multi-line slot machines, we recommend that you bet on multiple paylines so that your chances of winning increase. This kind of variant is particularly recommended for players with a small amount of bankroll, because in this way, they can freely bet the minimum bet of the machine on all lines and win huge winnings.

Slot Online- The diversity of themes

What's good about multi-line slot machines is that gambling publishers know they are attracting a lot of slots fans because of their much higher odds of winning than the other versions of the famous slots. Therefore, they have no choice but to respond to the growing demand for online casinos and regularly have to offer new multi-line slots. And it is not the players who will complain because they now have the choice between an infinity of slot machines with extremely varied themes. As a result, you can easily find the game for you and never get bored with the various creations of the publishers.

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