September 1st, 2018

Gutter Repair Portland Tips

For a gutter to continue to be effective throughout the seasons, it is important to maintain it, which means:

● the cleaning of the gutter ,

● the repair of the gutter .

This maintenance prolongs its life and avoids the consequent work caused by repairs or changes of gutters out of order.

Gutter repair Portland: regular checks

The check of the good functioning of your gutter must be annual.

This allows to check:

   the absence of leaks, at the connections, births, along the entire length of the profiles,

    the absence of major obstruction,

the good condition of the fixation:

    hooks with chevrons: screw the screws, if necessary

profiles to the hooks: the interlocking at the level of the flanges of the gutter may have moved,

    a broken or strongly deformed hook must be changed.

Repair a leaky gutter

Gutter leaks can have several possible causes:

Cause: Assembly between elements that separated.   

Repair: Rewind it.

Cause: Fitting become defective.   


    If the parts were stuck: pick up after cleaning and degreasing.

   If the parts were welded: make a new weld (call a professional: resume a weld is even more difficult than performing a new).

    Another reason is to change it.

Cause: Defective seal 

Repair:  The flexible part is damaged, the change is necessary.

Cause: Pierced gutter  

Repair: Proceed quickly to repair.

Breakthrough gutter repair: the solutions

Do not forget to take the necessary safety precautions when working at height.

Any intervention must be carried out on a clean, dry and degreased gutter (with trichlorethylene or alcohol to burn).

Breakthrough gutter repair Portland: the solutions

Do not forget to take the necessary safety precautions when working at height.

Any intervention must be carried out on a clean, dry and degreased gutter (with trichlorethylene or alcohol to burn).

Clogging: a temporary gutter repair

You can seal your leak if its size is reasonable in size.

This solution is temporary, waiting for a more definitive intervention:

use a special mastic cover,

sand and degrease the part to be repaired,

coat with putty using a spatula,

for leaks, therefore large holes, apply a glass cloth to the surface, cover with caulk again.

Caution : Clogging requires drying for 24 hours, only work in dry weather!

Zinc gutter repair Portland: several solutions

A hole in a zinc gutter can be solved in several ways:

by welding with tin, this technique requires skills:

compulsory stripping to the "spirit of salt",

use of a soldering iron with a large blackout,

tin at 28 or 33%,

by asphalting:

covering with several layers of a bitumen coating: wait several hours between coats,

applying aluminum foils coated with bitumen, glued to heat,

by clogging: with a special zinc sealant,

by filling with a silicone seal: this process is to be discarded, it is unreliable and ages poorly over time.

Good to know : A large hole can not be repaired, especially if your gutter is old, this damage may denote its fragility. In this case, it is necessary to change the portion concerned.

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Mode Femme- How To Be Chic In Sneakers?

If you are a fan of fashion, this trend could not escape you. The compensated basketball is back. And it's not about the wedge heels Isabel Marant had turned into a highly desirable object, but the platform sports shoe, a real star of the 90's . Zoom on this trend not necessarily easy to adopt. The challenge is bold, you are granted. But not impossible. The best option is to bet on a simple look and enough mat, compensated shoes alone enough to give any outfit a fashion look. Especially since there is a multitude of forms, more or less sports spirit with rope soles or cork for example. However, there is still a pitfall to avoid: the total look 90's that combines sequined jacket, pants elephant leg and sneakers ... While we are a fan of Spice Girls, but we forget the 1st degree! And as sometimes some images are better than many words Girls, as you know, sneakers are very fashionable. And we love it because it's comfortable! But sneakers can quickly be neglected, if you do not apply some tips to stay stylish. Here are some tips!

To be chic in sneakers, choose trendy models and related to your morphology.

Well, to begin with, you have to choose trendy sneakers. FYI:

      {C}White models continue to wreak havoc, especially the Adidas.

      {C}Very sporty shoes with thick soles are also very IN.

      {C}As well as fancy or metallic sneakers.

I made a small selection of sneakers trend for you (click on the images to be redirected to the sites of sale):

So, once we have repeated the right models, we must of course choose the sneakers in relation to its morphology, especially if we want to show the legs! As a general rule, and if you want to show your legs, I recommend sneakers for girls who have fine & long legs. So, once we have repeated the right models, we must of course choose the sneakers in relation to its morphology, especially if we want to show the legs!

As a general rule, and if you want to show your legs, I recommend sneakers for girls who have fine & long legs. Then for girls who have luscious legs or are small low-cut sneakers. With the low-cut models they will not be packed.

Mode Femme- Have a pair for the sport and a pair for the city

After, and I see a lot this fashion faux pas, do not mix city sneakers with sports sneakers ... The sneakers are tired and serve for the sport. So you have to invest in a pair just for the city. Even if it is identical to that of the gym. So, do not mix the sneakers! Okay ?

Mode Femme- Shift your sneakers with feminine clothes

Then, to be chic, you have to think about mismatching! The sneakers give a sporty, casual look, so we can completely shift them with skirts, dresses, leather pants, jackets. All that can sophisticate the look. That way we bring more modernity to the outfit. In short, avoid the first degree look: tired sneakers, jogging, sweatshirt.

Mode Femme- And especially clean your sneakers. Dirt is not chic.

Then last tip: girls, for the sake of fashion, clean your sneakers! Dirty sneakers are not chic at all! I love sneakers I put them with long skirts sex dresses and also jeans classic pants. The only problems I have is that I put a lot of dark color clothes example I put a black pontalon slim a black jacket style mountain with a burgundy color blouse dress and gray sneakers and sneakers be pink woods with gray. sometimes I find that I do not wear much color of I am veils.

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Best Curved Led- Types Of Car Lights

The lights of the cars are a fundamental aspect, because thanks to them we can see what surrounds us while we drive. It is a crucial piece for road safety. Therefore, we tell you the main types that have their respective advantages and disadvantages, so that you have no doubts when choosing the type of light you want in the car when buying a new one, or if you want to renew the old system of your used car

1. Halogen

Halogen headlights We start the entrance with the halogen lamps. A common, basic and cheap system , which is used by most street cars. Without going into details of the operation, basically consists of a standard system with a light bulb that can be extracted . Normally, the internal structure is usually lined with a reflective material that directs and enhances the luminosity of the bulb. Although we also find cylinder-shaped glass designs that fulfill this same function.

Nowadays, it is quite widespread and its refills are cheap, it hardly costs us to change a light bulb. In addition, the systems have advanced a lot and the bulbs are powerful, it does not reach an intensity as high as xenon, but they shine very well.

2. Xenon

The main competition to halogen bulbs, came with xenon headlights. A system very similar to a fluorescent tube , adapted to the headlights of a car. Rather, they are known as high intensity discharge headlights (HID), and it first appeared in the 1991 BMW 7 Series . It was 23 years ago.It is a complex system, since it is a tube filled with gas . That is, his replacement has to be carried out by a specialist . It's not like changing a halogen headlight bulb.

Even so, there are many advantages that make different manufacturers opt for this system. Decanting us for two of its most advantageous characteristics, first, at least, they illuminate twice as much as a halogen system, being able to triple its luminosity with xenon with more lumens. On the other hand, its most demanded aspect is its ability to cover the entire road with lighting that penetrates all the areas where the car rolls.

A system that represents numerous advantages. Even taking into account the replacement cost, which is higher than a basic system, it is an improvement that we recommend, since for nighttime driving, having a device with these characteristics is very interesting.

3. LED

Considering that the halogen lamps are already in the phase of decline and the xenons are beginning to mature, the best curved led technology headlights are the ones that are growing right now . Still in development but already in very advanced phase. Numerous brands are those that have opted for these systems, such as Audi .

The system is composed of multiple diodes (the famous best curved led), which together, achieve a lighting almost as powerful as xenon. They do not reach that amount of light, but little by little as they develop further, they will become the present substitute for these.

Apart from the white luminosity , and its innovative aspect , we still find some other problem. Their main weakness is that they reach quite high temperatures , taking into account that we are dealing with electronics. Temperature and cables are not great allies, which is why a heat dissipating system is usually incorporated to lower the system temperature. In addition, in this case they must also be repaired under the hands of a specialist, since the integration of LEDs is quite complex.

4. Laser projectors

If before we tried the headlights that are growing, in this case touches an innovative product , in an introduction phase. A derivative of best curved led headlights, laser projectors. It is a system that is currently used to support the normal headlights to obtain a long-range light, but without a doubt, will equip most vehicles in the future .

The system consists of several laser diodes , which combined with a phosphor fluorescent substance, get a much more natural and pronounced light than the other systems. Its advantages not only lie in its greater capacity of reach, but the light is very similar to daylight . A crucial piece of information for night driving. It should be added that, like almost all innovative technology, more is achieved for less. And is that the laser projection system consumes 30% less than the standard best curved led system.

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Curved LED Bars- The Best For Your Car.

The long lights also achieve better results if they are halogen, illuminating the area in front of the vehicle with a uniform brightness. In addition a useful light of curves is offered.

As regards xenon lights, they say that their operation is similar to that of a fluorescent tube, they are composed of an airtight tube full of gases, two electrodes and a current that goes from one electrode to another through the gas. And they present advantages such as that the beam of light that they project is superior to 3,000 lumens of average front (3,000ka 5,000k) to the 1,400 of a halogen bulb. In addition, the color of the beam is much more white, something that favors the vision at night and causes less visual fatigue by resembling more in daylight.

Already at an intermediate point we would find the curved led bars headlights. They are lights made up of light-emitting diodes that are characterized by their small size and low consumption. LED lighting is becoming increasingly stronger among manufacturers thanks in part to the fact that the small size of the LEDs allows them to be grouped together in ways impossible to carry out with the lighting systems that existed up to now.


Halogen lights are the most common lamps among modern cars. They have a very high lighting capacity and their duration is greater than that of traditional light bulbs. It is a normal bulb, only that instead of having only the filament, it also has a halogen gas. This is usually iodine. This allows the filament to reach more temperature without melting. Therefore, it emits more light and even then the duration of this bulb is higher.

With this light, you can see objects with more contrast and lighter at night. As for the duration, it is diverse, but they hold between 3,000 and 4,000 hours of lighting. They are quite economical, but their prices depend on the manufacturer and the power.

Also, they are very easy to change, depending on what models. You can usually change them at home without any problem, but there is some model that needs a good work.

Xenon lights

The xenon lights for the car are gas discharge lamps. Your lighting is created in a different way. Instead of bringing a filament, the light is produced by the plasma. The lighting is created by a very high passage of electricity. It has a chamber that contains xenon gas mixed with halogenated metal salts. As the mixture is made, the color of the light will be more or less bluish.

The duration is similar and even less than halogen but consume much less energy. In particular, almost half. Visibility is somewhat better than with halogen. The objects look better, appear better illuminated. However, by using large amounts of electricity, you need qualified personnel to be able to change them. It is not the first time that someone is electrocuted for manipulating them.

Finally, say that they are more expensive than halogen, and they need a special installation to work. According to the regulations, if a car has a standard xenon, it is mandatory that you mount a set of headlight washers. Since this light is cold and can accumulate snow or ice covering the lighthouse. On the contrary, it happens with halogens, which get very hot and do not need it because the ice melts.

Curved LED bars lights

Curved led bars lights correspond to the most modern lighting systems that exist. Now they begin to appear already in many series cars. They offer quality lighting, as it is good and not annoying. It is constituted by many points of light, many curved led bars, and the reflector is not needed.

In many cars come as standard for daytime lighting or for the rear lights. But to be able to circulate at night with them, it is called Full curved led bars. This equipment is only brought by a high-end car with the exception of one, the Seat León.

The consumption is very low, it can not be compared with the others, since the operation is totally different. And not to mention the duration, they last up to 100,000 hours. Practically, they last the entire life of the car. At the beginning, in the 90s they were only used for the third brake light.

The visibility of light depends not only on the lighting system, but also on the quality of the headlights. It is not the same to carry an old carved glass headlamp, than a completely transparent modern lighthouse. With use, the headlights turn darker and yellowish. When this happens it is necessary to take them to polish to be able to see with the same quality.

In the event that your vehicle has a different lighting system and you want to change it to curved led bars, the first thing you have to do is inform yourself if it can be approved in that model. You may not pass the ITV or be fined.

Traditional lights

Incandescent lights can still be found today in some vehicles. They began to generalize in the second decade of the twentieth century and it is a bulb with tungsten filament that produces light. These are very easy to use and are the ones that bring or brought most cars still today although more and more manufacturers are abandoning this type of lighting.

Some recommendations

Have the type of light that you have in your vehicle you should keep in mind that a light of these characteristics is not for life and although it continues to work after two years, it is more than likely that it has lost luminosity and that due to the High temperatures is crystal has become opaque.

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