September 5th, 2018

GTA 4 Apk In Multiplayer

Grand Theft Auto IV has a big problem, which differentiates it a lot from the previous chapters. As if this were not enough the eternal component dedicated to the game in single, in the last effort of Rockstar makes the first time peep (in 3D versions of the game) the multiplayer online part, and the results are immediately exceptional. All you have to do is take out your mobile phone and select the appropriate option, and you are immediately catapulted into choosing one of the more than fifteen modes available, which combine perfectly with the vastness and variety that a city like Liberty City offers.

Already starting from the death match, in single or in teams, the variety of situations that can be created is immediately high and is left to the players' will to face direct confrontations rather than to the white weapon or in "hit and run" configuration. This mode, however, is only the starter, because Rockstar has really run wild in making the most of the game map, such as in "War for the territory", in teams, where you have to take as much time as possible a particular portion of the neighborhoods, and thus earn money accordingly. And again, in Mafya Srl (always alone or in a team) you have to complete some missions assigned by the characters of the game, who wins at the end of the time (or the limit threshold) has earned more money. Are you more inclined to clandestine races? Well, choose the path on which to compete and if you add some pepper allowing gunfire and incorrect maneuvers, choosing another you can enjoy in the Guardie & Ladroni.

In addition to being very funny already on their own, Rockstar has done a great job in the options made available for further customization of what you can do online. It starts from the choice of the portion of the map (which in many cases can also be chosen entirely) from at least a dozen different variants, to move to the choice of police aggression rather than population density, the type of vehicles granted (and helicopters or motorboat competitions can also be organized ...), weapons, the number of players (up to a maximum of 16), the time and distance of respawn, the enabling or not of the voice chat.

GTA 4 apk- The game

Inside the game it is also possible to invite the users present in their friends list to a game (even on PlayStation 3), reduce voice chat only to one person or group and view the movements of other opponents when you are not active, in short a very complete series of possibilities that almost surprises being the first GTA also projected to the online. Of lag problems we have also found very few and only with 16 players, also because of the nature of the game, which does not require excessive precision or timing.

As said every mode allows you to make some money, which also represents a kind of level. After $ 1000, for example, you can access additional clothes and items to choose from to customize your alter ego, the same thing happen after 10,000 and so on. But it's not over here, in GTA IV (GTA 4 apk) there are also three cooperative missions, up to four players, called "Il guastafeste", "NOOSE scappa" and "Mina la Base II", in which, also supported by narrative sequences, we must interact with other players to complete them. In the first, for example, you have to attend an exchange of drugs and break the eggs in the basket to the two parties in negotiation, in another you are instead catapulted to the airport, where you have to free the area first with a gun battle with the policemen, to then escort Petrovic with a truck to his shelter, chased by helicopters, police cars and so on and so forth. These modes also represent an appetizer for what may be additional content for the game, including those that will be exclusive to Xbox 360.

Last but not least, there is the so-called free mode, in which you can roam Liberty City and behave in the manner that is deemed most appropriate, then using the phone to talk with other people or propose a possible mode to which participate with many small goodies also in this case.

GTA 4 apk- Final thoughts

In short, with the multiplayer component opens up a whole new world of possibilities and it is surprising how the first attempt Rockstar was able to fully hit the target, positioning itself immediately in the first positions in terms of completeness and fun, and multiplied by I cast the longevity of this great production.

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