September 11th, 2018

How To Choose An Affiliate Program?

There are two ways to find an effective affiliate program:

      Search for affiliate networks, in particular those that provide guarantees in terms of payments and tracking;

      Rely on direct affiliation programs ( review), interfacing, that is, directly, with the merchant, negotiating probably higher commissions and clearing the field of competitors by obtaining an exclusive product.

      An affiliation program must be appropriately evaluated in every aspect, from the usability of the landing pages made available by the merchant to the type of service offered, up to the conversion window to the minimum payout. This can be done, for example, " based on the history and therefore on the experience that an affiliate has or on the relationship that exists with the affiliation network, if there is one ", the expert reiterates.

Finally, there are two essential values: the assistance - and therefore the availability - of dedicated personnel for every problem or criticality - and the correctness that underlies an effective relationship between franchisee and merchant.

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Best Practices in affiliate marketing

The first factor to consider for a successful affiliate marketing strategy is to have a reliable sales tracking method that provides reliable and comparable statistics against the data provided by the affiliate. Tracing the online behavior of users - from the moment they display a banner until they complete the entire online purchasing process - is essential to evaluate the actual performance of the affiliate.

There are several affiliate marketing platforms - from Commission Junction to ShareASale - that have unbeatable tracking systems and provide a complete view of the campaign's conversion capacity. Not only that: it is good practice, once the campaign is activated, to track acquisitions on a frequent basis , not exclusively at the end. Periodically checking the data provided by the affiliate and comparing them with their tracking systems is not only a practical solution to get away from any nasty surprises but also to gain a more complete view on the behavior of the audience and on the overall sales trend .

One of the most concrete risks for a merchant, in fact, is not to notice that an affiliate marketing campaign is now saturated . It is " when the ROI is no longer acceptable or sustainable or does not exceed 50-60% ", specifies Giannicola Montesano. " There are, however, actions that allow for example the choice of new angles (and, that is, unexplored marketing levers that intercept consumers' desires and expectations, ndr) or a new target to submit to the campaign and that allow , thus, to increase the ROI and have a campaign that is once again sustainable ", continues the expert.

The third rule concerns the determination of the cost per lead . It is not about establishing a mere sales commission: each acquisition - whether it is the sale of a product, the subscription of a subscription or service, the downloading of an application - has a value attributable to multiple factors: from production costs in in the case of a physical good for the duration of a subscription.

The affiliate's performance, therefore, should be remunerated based on the margins that each new lead can bring to the merchant and the costs incurred for organizing the entire affiliation campaign. It is also good to understand that relying on a third party partner for affiliation implies a constant monitoring action on the networks through which the affiliate advertises the product or service object of the campaign, not only to check possible conflicts with other campaigns paid traffic but also to assess the relevance and relevance of the chosen media and to reconstruct the socio-demographic framework of the audience to which the affiliate is oriented.

Finally, last rule: transparency . It is the indispensable element to build a good and solid relationship with its network of affiliates, both in terms of payment of commissions, and to establish a path of collaboration focused on concrete development opportunities and not on hypothetical promises of acquisition of amazing volumes of lead.

When integrated into a broader strategic plan that is consistent with communication objectives and actual customer acquisition projections of a brand or company, affiliate marketing programs can prove to be an indispensable tool not only for increasing sales volumes, but also to explore new promotional channels and conquer new market niches, as well as to increase visibility and gain new contacts and business opportunities.