September 13th, 2018

ELF Review On 5 Makeup Products At A Low Price!

ELF - in other words, Eyes Lips Face - the makeup brand at a low price, do you know I imagine? I recently tested five items of my choice to be able to give me a general review on the quality and effectiveness of these affordable makeup products for each of us, even those who have a tiny budget beauty! I chose, rather than focusing on one category, to opt for makeup for the complexion, the eyes, and the lips.

In this review, you'll find my impressions on the Flawless Finish Foundation, the High Definition Powder (a classic at ELF!), The Palette of Ten Marbled Eye Shadows (Baked Eyeshadow Palette) in California Color, the Volume Plumping Mascara , and finally, the Moisturizing Studio Lipstick in Coral Cutie! So, what is ELF makeup worth? Is it good quality? Without further ado, I give you my review on these five makeup products at very low prices.

ELF: I give you my review!

ELF is an online makeup store offering a large selection of products, and also many beauty accessories: nail files, brushes. In general, each reference has a number of important shades so that everyone can find happiness! The objective of this brand, is to offer quality makeup at low prices: lipsticks, eyeliner or a small palette of eyeshadows are sometimes sold for only 1 €. This is the dream for all beautistas! So, it's even more tempting to redo the full make-up kit, is not it? This brand is not one of the ones I usually use. As you know, when it comes to affordable makeup, I really like Nyx Cosmetics and Sleek Make-UP, although the prices are a bit higher for the latter two. But, since I had the opportunity, I thought it would be interesting to be able to give you my review on makeup ELF.

ELF "Zero Defects" Foundation SPF15 - Flawless Finish Foundation.

If I had to keep only one makeup product in my bathroom, I think it could very well be a foundation. I use it regularly, alternating with BB Creams. My skin is quite sensitive, it easily marks redness: I absolutely must unify all that if I want to wear a pretty complexion! Moreover, even if some of you tell me the opposite, I'm not a fan of my freckles and I prefer to blur them to the maximum. At ELF, I chose the Foundation "Zero Fault". It comes in the form of a pump bottle (very practical!) With a rather sober look, like all the products of the brand. It pleases me enough, even if it is necessary to admit it, I crack more willingly for the packagings worked as for example that of the mascara Better Than Sex Waterproof Too Faced, my last love at first sight in the matter of cute! That said, for a brand at such a low price, I find that ELF is doing pretty well visual side playing the card of sober and purified.

ELF Foundation "Zero Fault": swatch!

The foundation tint I chose is the clearest in the Flawless Finish Foundation range: it's "porcelain". At this moment, I can wear it, having taken some colors these last weeks, but in winter it will be much too dark for me, I fear it! The texture is quite fluid, creamy, and works very well on the skin. Personally, I apply it with a foundation sponge or a flat brush.

My review on the ELF Foundation

Side coverage, I am delighted: my freckles are well hidden, and the rendering I like very much. The effect on the skin is between the mat and the satin. The outfit is really good, it does not transfer. It smoothes the skin texture giving it a slightly powdery look that I love. An SPF 15 sun filter has been added to the formula, which is always a plus to protect your skin every day from the harmful effects of the sun. It is comfortable to wear, does not dry out. Apart from the fact that this range does not contain a lot of tints for very light skin, it is indeed a faultless from my point of view!

ELF Flawless Finish Foundation - 20 ml - 8 €.-ELF High Definition Powder.

It is then a great classic from ELF that I chose to put to the test: the High Definition Powder. I had read very positive reviews about it, so I did not hesitate for a moment to choose it. It is a white loose powder, presented in a powder box with an application powder puff. In general, I use quite little accessories that come with my makeup products, such as the brushes that are sold with the pallets, but there, good surprise, this puff is not only very soft, but it also allows deposit the powder homogeneously. So this is how I apply this powder on my face. Several shades are available on the ELF shop: yellow complexion powder, sequin shimmer powder, and white finish powder. It is this last one that I chose to mattify the complexion, to fix the make-up and to bring to the face brightness and light.

My review on ELF High Definition Powder

ELF High Definition Powder is ultra fine, does not leave a white layer on the skin and fulfills its role perfectly from morning to evening. The outfit is very good and even after several hours, the fatter areas of my face - you know, this famous T zone and his friend sebum! - do not shine.

It is almost imperceptible once laid, and does not give a plaster effect to the skin. It smoothes small defects, and unifies the complexion. It is a huge blow of heart, and considering its small price of 8 €, I strongly advise you to crack. I really like it a lot. For having already tested the HD Make Up For Ever, I can tell you that that of ELF is almost a dupe!

Focus On 5 ELF Products

A new beauty magazine today to tell you about a brand that I like a lot and that I've known for years (almost since the opening of the site to tell the truth), it's about Eyes Lips Face , aka " ELF ". If this name tells you something, it's normal, it's the famous brand with "makeup 1 €" yes! Or rather a range with products at this price, there is really a lot of choice today because it is really well developed. There are also two other ranges on ELF , the "Studio" range with more pro products, of a higher quality , but for all that with prices even more than affordable. Finally, the "Mineral" range offers mineral products to always accessible prices.

Between Eyes Lips Face and me, it has always been a relationship of love, sometimes a little hate when some products disappointed me, it is on, as with all brands. What I often hear about this brand is that "there is good and bad" , I agree, even if there is a great majority of great products. That's why I'm delighted to have had the opportunity to choose 5 brand products to test and tell you about it! Zoom on 5 ELF products at low prices!

Studio Blusher Palette (Light Tint, € 6.80)

When I discovered this palette on the site, I immediately wanted to crack! It must be said that 4 blushes in the same palette is just the ideal! I find it really well done, there is a peach, a coral, a rose and a rosewood, everything is there! I often have the problem (and I'm sure you too), when I go on a weekend or even vacation, the choice of blush. I always want to take at least one rosé and a peach to go with all the make-up and once there I want something else ... Finished all with this palette! Level pigmentation, I was really surprised, they are really very well pigmented it's crazy (see the swatches a little lower)! When you see the price of the palette we say that it's really a price / quality ratio of madness ! The colors are pretty and faithful to those presented on the site, the packaging is compact, quite solid and practical, the palette is not too big so convenient to carry, in short I am seduced!

Eyebrow care gel  (Dark tint, 4 €)

I'm a fan of tinted eyebrows, this is my favorite way to do my eyebrows, simply in a worry of time in the morning, but also of effect. I have the eyebrows provided naturally and filled, so I do not need / want to make tons and I like to keep them pretty natural, so this is the effect I expected of this product: a natural, but a hold in place and a slight pigmentation to give character to the face and harmonize the makeup of yeux. And it's a success, honestly, I love it! The brush is a little bigger than the Gimme Brow (which I found a little small for me), it is very practical: no traces, no stains on the face and or eyes, the product is distributed evenly on the eyebrow. The color "Dark" is perfect and in agreement with my natural eyebrows and my hair. The eyebrows hold in place, it's ok, but above all we have no effect "cardboard" sensation of hair "frozen" (very unpleasant). In short, very good!

Marbled highlighter (Gems hue, 4 €)

I already have a highlighter this range at ELF, it is the shade "Moonlight Pearls" and I really like it, it is very practical and especially lightweight in terms of weight and packaging, it is always the one that I chose to pack on a weekend! I wanted to try another shade and the "Gems", slightly peach seemed really beautiful, I said "why not? We never have enough illuminators. Finally I'm not disappointed, the color is really beautiful, beautifully iridescent, it corresponds to the one on the website. However, compared to the first shade, it is a little less pigmented. Its finish is very natural, it brings a glow really subtle and discreet. This is not to displease me for the days when I do not want to overdo it, its slightly peachy shade blends perfectly with the complexion for a  very nice result , a cool and subtle glow!

Lip liner & blending brush (Natural tint, 4 €)

It took me a long time to decide for this product or another. I had already tested the lipstick range 1 € and I was a little disappointed because they are very dry. I told myself that I was going to try a safe bet with a nude hue, which could easily go with a lot of my lipsticks. I really like the pencil format that twists, it's very convenient to use! The packaging is not super strong, you have to be careful if you take it with you out of the house. The pencil is really top, it is both creamy, well pigmented and very precise, the application is really easy, it slides alone on the lips! The outfit is not extraordinary, but for a nude she is correct.

Kabuki Studio (6 €)

I announce to you immediately that it is the best kabuki of all the Earth and the sweetest of the universe! It is one of the first ELF products I bought years ago, I really had a great memory and my opinion has not changed yet. He's just genial ! Well bushy, soft, with the hairs of the duofiltre, it deposits perfectly the free or compact powder in sufficient quantity. To fade blush or tan it is also very effective: no need to spend a lifetime! It is really, for my part, one of my favorite products of the brand ELF and if there is really a product that I must recommend if you order is this one!

Mattifying leaves (1,50 €)

This is the bonus product of my order, I confess that I'm not the type to claim more than I am offered, but I wanted so much to try these little leaves that everyone speaks and praises them. merits, so practical for everyday life ! So I'm really happy, it's totally a product that suits me and that agree to my lifestyle, at work I do not really have time to spend 2 hours in front of the mirror to powder, but sometimes between two meetings or appointment, I feel that I shine and it is not very pleasant. I really find this product fun to use and especially effective! Indeed, even before re-patching, these little leaves are great (yes because powder on sebum directly, without "wipe" it's frankly yuck), very practical and discreet , I think I could not more pass !


How To Make A Thumbnail?

Creating a good thumbnail (youtube thumbnail downloader) for your videos is much simpler than it sounds. But still, as we have seen, it is a key to its success, so it must be done with great care. Next, check out the step-by-step to create good thumbnails and be more successful with your channel.

Know the right size

Today, thumbnails do not need to be as small in size as most of the hosting platforms size down according to the video display location. So we recommend the size of 1280 × 720 pixels  for your thumbnail, so you get maximum resolution regardless of size. If you want to make a slightly smaller image, try to keep within the ratio 16: 9.

Choose a program to create your thumbnail

Of course, to create your own thumbnail (youtube thumbnail downloader), you will need an editing program, right? We separated some options for you, according to difficulty and customization:

Flimbo  - Very easy to use

Here you can create your thumbnail quickly and easily from pre-established models - created in partnership with Samba Tech. Just by clicking and dragging you can change icons, put new images, swap titles and make thumbs extremely attractive.

Canva  - Easy to use

This is an extremely useful platform for creating graphic pieces of various types. For thumbnails, there are already some templates available for free, from which you can change the text, the background image, among others. It is quite simple, allows customization and you can pay for a more beautiful template, if you use a lot.

Fotor  - Intermediate

Another online publisher, with some free resources and other paid. It is also simple to manipulate and allows you to create your thumbnail (youtube thumbnail downloader) easily and practically.

Adobe Photoshop  - Requires advanced editing skills

Photoshop editing is harder to fiddle with for those unfamiliar with Photoshop - but it's a handy software for creating various types of images, as well as having numerous features. You can download a 30-day free trial on the Adobe website to test the program.

Choose the image you are going to use

Originally, the thumbnails (youtube thumbnail downloader) were just a catch of an interesting moment in the video, which could draw attention to the entire content. Today, some other more personalization trends have already emerged. Analyze your content, and especially your audience, to be able to decide the best strategy for your channel.

If your channel and content are more relaxed, for example, feel free to use a comic print of your video - because an image does not deliver so much of the content, you can present the heyday of your video. Think about what will appeal to your audience specifically. A good example, still from the RezendeEvil channel , is the video "Giant chewing gum with helium gas and it flew". Think of it this way: if the video cover was a regular chewing gum, you could doubt the fact of the youtuber , or just not feel interested. However, the picture already shows the result - the bubblegum full and floating - which already attracts you to the video.You can also edit and combine some images. The Jubilut , for example, combines an image related to the theme with a capture your video, in which he will explain about it.

youtube thumbnail url

How To Put Thumbnails To Your Youtube Videos? Step By Step Guide

The fever for visual content is giving way to a generation of this type of pieces that makes watching the thumbnails of YouTube videos a fundamental rule to fulfill.

Complete guide with the best tips to create irresistible video thumbnails on YouTube

When YouTube took its first steps, there was no possibility to upload a custom thumbnail of the videos. Later, when this option became effective, it was not considered too important.

Today, with the massiveness of this social network and the large number of hours that are charged per minute (approximately 400 hours), adding an effective thumbnail of your videos can be the difference between the success or failure of your content. In this guide I'll explain exactly what you have to do to create irresistible YouTube thumbnails step by step. What are you going to achieve? Greater number of subscribers and a higher level of commitment from them. Let's go to what matters! But before…

The figures you have to know about YouTube

As I said previously, approximately 400 hours of video per minute are currently uploaded to YouTube. According to a report by the prestigious statistics website Statista, in November 2014 the number of hours per minute was 300. Its growth is exponential. Since March 2017, every day, more than one billion users of the platform consume just over 1,000 million hours of content.

YouTube was founded in 2005 and is already a global phenomenon. In December 2016, it became the third most popular mobile application in the United States with approximately 131 million unique visitors per month.

Other important data:

      Its mobile audience reached 62% as of February 2017.

      In April 2017, the Lego brand channel became the most popular.

     PewDiePie was for a long time the youtuber with the highest profits.

     YouTube, in any of its versions, reaches more people aged 18 to 49 than any cable television provider in the US.

      The number of channels that earn six-figure annual revenue on YouTube increases by 50% per year.

All this has to help you to know that if your audience is on YouTube, your brand must be present yes or yes in this social network.

Why is it so important to create video thumbnails on YouTube?

Thumbnails on YouTube are instant views of your videos. They act like a small poster and allow viewers to know what you or your brand has to offer them. Basically, they anticipate the content they will find. It is also the first thing that people will see when they find your video on YouTube, either during their search or in other areas of the platform through paid advertising (where the video is offered as a suggestion).

Along with the title, the thumbnails (save thumbnail image) have to be attractive in order to increase their effectiveness.

A good miniature has to get the viewer to stop at that graphic piece and feel compelled to click to discover more. You only have 1 second to get people's attention, otherwise they will move on to something else. But this is not the only reason for the importance of the thumbnails (save thumbnail image). By promoting the visualization of your videos, they also give you the possibility that your content will be displayed more than the competition's.

That is, if your thumbnail makes the viewer click on it and watch the video (ideally they see it complete), YouTube understands that your content is fulfilling its promise. The viewing time is fundamental, the longer the video is watched, the more chances you have of YouTube showing your content before the competition. A first recommendation: keep your promise. If the viewer is attracted to your thumbnail but then you do not keep your promise, YouTube will also consider this. Do not use deceptive titles, being precise is important. Finally, I tell you that a statistic taken from the same YouTube ("press" section) , indicates that 90% of the recordings of this social network with the best performance use the system of customized thumbnails (save thumbnail image). So, are you already convinced of the importance of the thumbnails (save thumbnail image)? Perfect, let's see how to create them!