September 15th, 2018

Prepping- Preparing For A Disaster Or Emergency

There are many important things for us in this world, but nothing is more important than preparing you and your family for a disaster or an emergency. A saying that I have blossomed since I started to prepare myself is that " the preliminary preparation prevents poor performance". And when it comes to knowing how to prepare for a disaster or an emergency and to ensure your safety, that of your family and friends, it's not just a bad performance, but the health and safety of your relatives.

While it is always nice to list the details of the preparation, in this article we look at the more basic aspect of preparation with a return to " Prepping" and how you can prepare and prepare your family for survive emergencies and disasters. The most important thing to do when it comes to family preparation is that preparation is not as difficult as some claim, and does not need to be so expensive. Getting ready is fun, easy and cheap, and certainly something you can do without investing too much time or money, all for something priceless, the safety of your loved ones.

When I started getting ready, I did not have guides or guides to follow, I had examples of homesteaders and the Doomsday Preppers television series at my disposal. Since my own explorations in the field of Prepping, I hope to motivate others to start preparing too. I wrote this pre-preparation guide on how I prepared for disasters and emergencies in my area and how you can do it. You can click on each link that will take you to the corresponding section. If you are like us and need to save things, you may want to add this message to your favorites when you need to strengthen your preparation.

Prepare for a disaster or emergency

If you are  new to preparation  or a little lost in how to prepare for a disaster or emergency and your family is prepared, read and follow these simple steps to prepare for a possible disaster or emergency in your area.

What potential disaster or emergency can occur in your area?

To find out more about what might happen in your area, look at regional natural disasters and think about unexpected emergencies. Natural disasters happen everywhere. It could be a snowstorm, a hurricane, a tornado, a strong heat or a power cut due to extreme cold.

Do a quick online search to determine what natural disasters are happening in your area. Sometimes, some natural disasters happen every year. There is the tornado season and the flood season, if I may say so. There are certain seasons when a kind of natural disaster will occur each year. Chances are, if you have lived in a particular place for a few years, you have noticed a trend. Do not ignore this trend. Determine when these seasons of natural disasters are and decide to be proactive in getting ready. In my area, there are a number of flood risks in early spring, snow storms, severe weather. But I am less subject to acts of terrorism and earthquake,

There are also emergencies that we can not predict exactly. For example, losing one's job, having a puncture, power outages, etc. However, we can always anticipate these unforeseen emergencies. I will explain how in a short time. For now, write a list of all natural disasters in your area. Then write a list of some emergencies that may occur. Even if you think that emergencies "could never happen to you", write them anyway. The purpose of the preparation is to be able to handle everything that happens to us, even the unexpected. So, really take the time to write a list of emergencies and disasters.

survival gear

Survival Prepping

Obviously, your preparation will include a means of locomotion to get to this evacuation site. For most people, this means their car or truck. Some even purchase a four-wheel-drive truck or an SUV, specifically for use as a BOV. There is nothing wrong with that, but the most important thing is to make sure the vehicle is ready for evacuation. Even the best vehicle, if not prepared, it will not serve much.

Again, there is no single answer to this question. A 4x4 pickup could be an interesting option. However, in some parts of the country, that would be like hanging a sign on the back of the car saying "Prepper". In other areas, this truck could not get out of the city. This is particularly the case once the roads turn into a giant car park.

Bug Out Bag (BOB)

When it comes to preparing, you must be ready to evacuate. There will probably be no time to stop and pack your stuff. You will need to have everything ready for you to catch and leave. This is the purpose of an evacuation bag . It's a carefully thought-out and pre-packaged backpack with everything you need to survive (survival prepping). Even if your favorite shirt and jeans may not be there, you'll have the opportunity to build a shelter, clean water, food and a first aid kit.

Although an evacuation bag is not the only thing you need to take during an evacuation, it will still be the first thing! This will also be the last thing you'll let go of if you have to leave your vehicle and go on foot. The contents of this bag are carefully selected to meet your needs. Anything else you take will be the icing on the cake (it will still wear more).

Backpack at Home (GHB)

But what if you're not home when it's time to evacuate? In fact, this possibility is much more likely than anything else and you should consider it in your preparation. With our current lifestyles, the chances of being at home in a disaster are slim. Therefore, it is important that your bag be ready to be seized once at home so that you can evacuate with your family.

Before coming home you will have to use your backpack at home, your GHB , that's what it's for. Keeping it with you at all times ensures that you have the necessary survival gear to take you home. Although it will not be enough for you to survive (survival prepping) for a week, it will provide you with valuable and essential equipment and supplies. It is also possible to use your EDC bag which is much smaller, maybe you just do not have your GHB with you that may be in your car, at the office or out of range.

Survival skills and state of mind

Finally, you must have the right skills to survive (survival prepping). In fact, skill development is the most important part of preparation. Do you know how to light a fire? Can you catch fish with nothing more than a line and a hook? Do you know where to look for water? Can you catch a squirrel and prepare it for dinner? Can you spot a natural shelter by walking in the woods? Survival requires many specialized skills. These are skills that most people do not know today. We are used to our comfortable urban lives, in which these skills are not so useful. But if a disaster occurs, these skills could very well be the ones we need to get through. So, it is essential to learn a new set of skills, to accompany our bags, our vehicles and our plans.

It is also necessary to develop the right mindset during preparation. It's interesting that in every military survival manual, the first thing they talk about is having a positive attitude. Why so? Because your attitude will move you in the right direction or not, you will make the right decisions, or not. Those with the right mind are those who will try to overcome, while others will give up too easily.

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