September 19th, 2018

Choosing the best golf rangefinder in 2018

How to choose the best golf rangefinder for YOUR use? The best golf offers a buying guide , and selects for you the best selling golf rangefinders in September 2018. The customer reviews, as well as the tests found on the various shopping sites are as many selection criteria taken into account. Each golfer is different, with his own expectations of the sport, and associated results. Here is a comparison of golf rangefinders, to help you see more clearly.

Definition of a golf rangefinder

It may be the golfer's best friend: the golf range finder  accurately measures the distance to the flag. The golf rangefinder is very useful in determining the choice of club depending on where the ball is. It can be called also laser rangefinder or golf binoculars. Have you ever made a bad choice of club, only for lack of information on the course? This is particularly annoying, and can cost some hits on the scorecard. It may also affect the level of tension and stress for the rest of the game.

The advantages of using a golf rangefinder

By providing a golf rangefinder, you eliminate from the outset a significant hazard: the distance to the flag . It also plays on your level of confidence: you know that you will be doing your golf swing with the right club in your hands! A golf GPS watch usually gives you the following distances: green entry, green middle, green background. But very often, this is not enough, because we can not always know the position of the flag on the green. The golf rangefinder is very convenient because it allows to locate the precise position of the flag.

How to do without a golf rangefinder?

The golfer has a lot of parameters to manage to make a good golf swing. The fundamentals of posture, grip, alignment, for a good set up. These elements are part of the routine, even before the start of the golf swing. Then can intervene all the thoughts related to the good progress of the swing and all the steps that follow one another for this purpose. So much uncertainty for the golfer. In this ocean of parameters to control, there is good news. From now on, the golfer can have certainties. And this is a big novelty: he can indeed know by meter the distance that separates him from the flag, or any obstacle on the road to his target. These are all elements on which the golfer will be able to rely to increase his level of confidence. And we know, confidence, the mind, are very important elements to succeed in this discipline of precision, very selective that golf.

The right Strategy

Imagine the following situation: On a par 5, you managed to send your tee shot on the fairway. All happy when arriving near your ball, you are about to play your second shot. But you see an obstacle in the distance. A stream crosses the fairway from side to side. There are no alternatives, it will be necessary to go over at a moment. Thanks to your rangefinder, you will be able to assess very precisely the distance that separates you from this water hazard . The distance to the point of entry, but also the distance to the point of exit of the water hazard, and therefore its length. Will you go over the obstacle with your second shot, or will you try to pass over? As we can see, in this situation, the contribution of technology adds new elements to guide the golfer in his strategic choices. Of course, the final decision belongs to the golfer, not to the rangefinder he uses. But how to do without this new information to make a thoughtful decision. This is much better than saying: This obstacle, I think I can overtake it, because at the nose, it must be 140 meters. In fact, it was much farther away, and it cost you a shot in the water, and the penalty point that goes with it.

Here is another example of a scenario where the contribution of the rangefinder will be valuable: The situation is the same, on a Par-5, you have perfectly successful your stake, with a superb drive of 230 meters. Should we try to attack the green with your second shot, or is it better to break the distance in half? If you are the type not to deflate in front of a shot, think twice. You will not be able to touch the green with your second shot, since your rangefinder tells you that it is out of your reach, even by sending the ball perfectly with your magic wood. You should miss 50 or even 70 meters to reach it.

What you realize is that at this distance, there are pretty little shrubs that sport the perfectly mowed fairways. You know it because your rangefinder has given you live information. By playing your magic wood, you risk sending your ball close to these natural obstacles. Your 3rd shot will be close enough to the green, but you may be embarrassed by these shrubs, to reach it easily! Well yes, the architect had thought of everything, and these shrubs are actually not by chance, he defend the green, just like the bunkers.

It is so much to swallow your pride, to assert your wisdom and your maturity. The good strategy for this move is to cut the distance in half. This will allow you to remove the shrubs from the equation . With your 3rd move, you will be able to pass over easily. The good news, moreover, is that by breaking the distance in half, you will be able to play such an Iron 7 followed by a Pitch, two club that you master a priori better than your Magic Wood 3. All these estimates, which you probably made before the acquisition of your magic rangefinder, are now measured in a very precise way.

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How To Choose Your Online Casino?

The virtual world of entertainment, emotions and money, online casinos are all attractive to everyone. There is no doubt that online casinos are convenient, interesting benefits and elements, but choosing the right online casino is a difficult situation. You can't think about it before choosing an online casino, but I suggest you do it. In fact, when looking for the right casino, you should not only consider the steps you take or remember. When looking for an online casino, it's important to know what to look for. Is it a benefit or a reputation?

Before you understand the basic principles and key points and guidelines for choosing an online casino (monopoly casino game), you must understand that getting rich is not a daunting task. All you need is correct and timely technology.

  • Credibility: The first and most important factor in choosing an online casino is the credibility factor. Is the casino credible and worth the time and money? If you like your money and computer system, then credibility or reliability should interest you. Some casinos believe that you must deceive and deceive customers or players by not paying or using fraudulent software. Therefore, it is always recommended to search for a reliable purpose. Check the search engine for any information about the casino, its background and services. Found 'is the casino authorized and with whom? 'The answer confirms the address and phone number to make sure the casino is authentic and authentic. If an online casino is affiliated with a land-based casino and has a mailing address, its credibility in online casinos will also increase. Don't forget to check the terms and conditions of the online casino you are learning. Look for online casino sites instead of using http: always use https:as'' for security lines. This means https: will protect your system from any fraudulent software or dangerous sites.

  • Age: The age or age of the online casino can increase your credibility, as well as your experience and reputation. Therefore, if you are experiencing this type of online casino, that is, one year old or no year, we recommend that you continue your search.

  • Service speed: In order to provide a comfortable experience in the casino world, you need uninterrupted service. In other words, find out how good the customer service is for the casino you choose and how fast they pay you. Also note the speed of the software download.

  • Pros: Online casinos make money while making money, so choosing a casino that doesn't offer bonuses and free games is meaningless online casinos. With more and more online casinos, competition has also increased, so you can easily find casinos trying to offer you free bonuses to impress, free game fun, no time limits, driving games, various games, controlling different games Detailed commands, winning tips, and compelling demos and the ability to choose a language to download.

  • Payment method: Since you are dealing with your hard earned money, it is wise to check for any fraud. Ask them if they accept the check, prepay the ATM or you need to create an electronic account with them. Also, see which model they use to pay you the money you earn.

  • Path: Don't be frustrated or upset when you start casino games (monopoly casino game) and gambling games. It is wise to try these free games offered by these casinos and see the quality of the game, which will also help you know which casinos and which games are right for you, because almost all casinos have different rules to play their games.

  • Recommendations or comments: If you are still confused and have no doubt about the casinos you have listed, talk to people and friends who have been to the site or members of their site. Look for comments or recommendations written by the people on the Internet. Listen to all the "pros and cons" tips you found during the consultation.

These points are not magic wands, but just a description of the correct way to choose an online casino. You can win big wins, you can learn and learn, but for this you must have the right start. A right online casino can head to a wealthy and mysterious world. Online casinos are not just roller coasters, but a journey of wealth. Therefore, please consider and review these points before starting the casino.

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What are Online Casino Bonuses?

In the past decade, the online casino system has made tremendous progress, even beyond the physical system. In fact, while it is difficult to get difficult statistics, online casino players may be more likely to play in online casinos than traditional casinos. Compared to the amount of games (the amount deposited and the proceeds), online casinos can also win casino bricks and mortar without any problems.

Bonus attraction

Now, one of the best attractions to attract so many people to online casinos is the bonus they offer. Online casino bonuses work like this: for every money "playing money" stored in an online casino, the casino - or as a casino "house" is known in these circles - there is a certain amount at the top . So, whoever makes a $100 in the casino, for example, may find that the "home" made a $100 deposit with an extra $20, so due to the online casino bonus system, the person plays if you deposit $120 in the casino, then You will play.

Therefore, online casino bonuses can be viewed as an online casino concept of "purchase discounts", where for every "game service" purchased by the player, you can get anything more than just a service, free of charge (Free Spins No Deposit Required).

Every online casino that offers bonuses is usually conducted under a well-thought-out system, so we end up with the conclusion that "not all online casino deposits are equal." In fact, when viewing different bonuses offered by online casinos, we can end up with a rating standard and we can top the online "category" bonuses for different casino bonuses online. .

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In most cases, the best casino bonuses are often announced as a percentage (because when the "house" proposes to charge each amount deposited on the casino account with the same fixed percentage (eg 5 or 10%). Of course, Some online casinos announce their dollar bonuses at a fixed amount (for example, for every $100 deposited, they do it for $10), and in some cases these can be excellent.

Most online casinos that offer bonuses usually limit the amount of premium they pay, so for every $100 deposit, the "house" reaches 10%, but only one. Up to $100 Now for these limits, the best bonuses are often those that apply to a larger amount, so even if you save a lot of money, you can reward.

Of course, the opposite is that online casino bonuses are very limited and only apply to moderate deposits, where each deposit is higher than this amount and this amount is not subject to bonuses. Are you looking for the best casino bonus? Your search ends here. Find online casino bonuses.

Usually, there is no casino deposit bonus, this is the bonus code. There will always be some available when you open an account. Once confirmed, simply enter the bonus code to get a certain number of online casino bonuses. The code is obtained directly on the homepage or by email confirmation registration, called a free bonus (Free Spins No Deposit Required), without deposit.


But remember, the deposit bonus usually does not exceed 50 Euros. Again, bet limits will prevent the use of this bonus. You may run out of deposit bonuses until you meet the required requirements. Also, bonuses don't necessarily apply to all games, so they may not be available for your favorite games or games.

These codes or no deposit bonuses are a good idea, if you want to try it quickly, consider playing on an online casino website, but don't expect to get a lot of money, why do we recommend a welcome bonus (Free Spins No Deposit Required)?