October 5th, 2018

Cybercrime: can locard's exchange principle be applied to cybercrime?

Cybercrime has replaced drug trafficking. Recent government surveys have shown that cybercrime has placed illicit drug trafficking outside the main source of hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal profits worldwide. Initially, the Internet seemed to be a useful tool for scientific research. If at that time we only know what his potential is, maybe he will think more about his protection.

Today, there are reports of massive theft of personal information and the exhaustion of bank accounts, all of which are attributed to criminal factors, which are changing the scope of criminal investigations through small investments in computers and Internet connections. . A very prestigious poll found that 8.1 million Americans were victims of identity theft in 2010. Losing hundreds of millions of dollars.

Locard exchange principle (LEP)

Dr. Edmond Locard (1877-1966) was called "Sherlock Holmes" by many French people and was a pioneer in forensic evidence investigation. Locard developed the basic principles of forensic science: "Every touch leaves a trace." Of course, Locard's theory refers to the physical contact between the author and the elements of the crime scene. But today's crime scene has no physical structure, and the crime scene is likely to be in cyberspace.

Then the problem changed: "Is the Locard exchange principle applicable to electromagnets that rotate through the disk?" Some digital detectives think so. For example, a hacker can access a computer system that may be safe or unsafe. Is there a completely secure computer? Well, security software can protect against many intrusions, but security systems (cyber security courses) only allow hackers to access it for longer. The question now is: Does the exchange principle apply?

Cybercrime has no physical evidence

On the surface, the infiltrator does not leave the physical traces of his existence. However, there may be other electronic tracking tests. If you have access to a computer access record, there may be a record indicating that the file has actually been accessed, or even a network transfer. Any active secondary channel scan on the hard drive may also detect network operation. As a last resort, the examiner can check the Internet Service Provider (ISP) access record to discover secret entries. This step does not necessarily show the specific data that was deleted, but it will indicate that the data has actually been deleted from the row.

Industrial espionage has become commonplace

Personal information and money are not the only targets of this growing threat. Online industrial espionage poses an increasing threat to the US economy and national security (cyber security courses). US intelligence agencies have recently warned officials that China and Russia are involved in cyber espionage. "The opposition intelligence official said: "The trade secrets that our smartest people develop in thousands of hours of work will be stolen in an instant and transferred to our competitors. These foreign governments have denied this statement.

Principle of network exchange

Perhaps when it comes to cybercrime, the “cybernetic exchange principle” applies. Judicial review of computers or servers will reveal invasive artifacts. Then, the investigator faced the situation that the crime scene was not limited to one computer, but might also involve another computer in the center of the world.

The hijacker does not leave behind fingerprints, fingerprints or traces of physiological fluids after intrusion. However, in this case, electronic activity may be more valuable in the bits and bytes left by this activity. A long time ago, Locker’s principle of defending must be at the forefront of our digital detective thinking, when they look for clues that contain invading computers, and wait for traces found in cyberspace.

According to a leading cybersecurity (IT Security Courses) software manufacturer, the annual acquisition of cybercriminals in 2011 accounted for approximately $114 billion of the 431 million adult victims worldwide.

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