November 13th, 2018

How To Quickly Sell Your House?

If you want to buy a new home to take advantage of current market offers, you may be looking to sell your current home. It is easier said than done, the truth?

In fact, it is not necessarily very difficult or painful. There is still a lot of work to be done, but in the end it is not worth going to a house where you really want to live well? You must first sell your house to go there, so smile and accept it.

Whether it's a sale of a mansion in Marco Island or an apartment in downtown Minneapolis, here's how to increase your chances of sell my home fast, as we used to.

1. Move 50% to 60% of the furniture and keep all damage

I know that this is painful, but it does work. Selling a messy house is also difficult because it is an empty house. You want to rely on the appearance of the model house or its reasonable approximation. Few family photos hang on the wall, if any. General art is the best.

A few days ago, my wife and I chose paintings for the room in our new home. We pointed out that the promotional photos located near the paint screen gave all the houses a beautiful look. In fact, consumers want to sell paint palettes, but in fact, he sells a beautifully decorated room. same as you. Buyers often think that he looks at the house objectively, but he often only looks at the beautifully decorated rooms. Give them that.

How did you do it with your child? Ok, we have seven, so if we can do it, you can do it. Keep the house relatively clean and create a to-do list so that when there is an example of an appointment, you can quickly get "Everyone on the Bridge" to fix the place.

2. Empty all projected installations.

I saw the seller's house, and the characteristic of the house were not a comfortable environment and makes it difficult to sell my home fast. It distracts my attention, and when this happens, I will never remember the details of the house. Face this: You are a potential buyer distracted, if you want to supply FAST in your house, you must abandon all distractions, including you. During the period, there are no exceptions.

3. Use a full-service real estate agent instead of a discount agent

I don't say that because I am willing to pay 6%. I say this because a good broker is really worth 6%. This is the cost of doing business. Most importantly, you need an agent that has some skin in the game to complete the transaction.

My wife and the house I bought are short-selling transactions, while the short-selling experts (bank short-selling negotiators) always pay on time. As a result, they don't have skin in the game, and if the deal ends, they won't win anything, and if the deal is broken, they won't lose anything. There are a lot of things that can (and will do) go out of the real estate trading process, and you have to cover the distance of the agency's agent because this is how you get paid.

4. Don't try to get back all the money you invested.

Anyone who is nervous about the money invested in the home cannot sell their house in a bear market. because? Because if you don't own your own home for 30 years and you have a lot of money, you might lose money in sales. You must be aware that by buying your next home at these economical prices, you can earn more, and you won't be able to get these homes while waiting to “recover” your investment. It will never happen.

5. Pricing your house during the game.

The inference from the above suggestion is that in a declining market, the house price will not be equal to or greater than the market price. I realized that everyone "hopes" that a fund is in place, but I hope not to sell the house. The price is indeed the case.

In the five years we lived, a house near our moving house was on the market. I have never seen how to maintain maintenance in the house, but they tried to use discount brokers and kept asking the market for at least $15,000 currently supported. They have been following the market for five years, losing at least $90,000, or about 40% of their maximum. Lost a lot of money. Don't make this mistake. The price of your house is correct for the first time.

6. If your initial expectations are too high, please be willing to lower the price

When we listed our house, we found a house that was almost equal to us, and we evaluated it below. Two weeks later, we checked the price of each house in the area and found that we have been overvalued for as much as $10,000. This is a lot of money, but if we don't lower the price, we will still be here today. Instead, we are at the home of dreams.

You can do the same thing. If you are under the mortgage, this becomes more difficult, but the same principles apply. You can't change the market, it's better to face the reality and take what the market offers you. I hope that your dream house is waiting for you!

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Create Internal Appeal And Quickly Sell Your Home

The most important thing a home seller should do to quickly sell my home is to successfully resell his home in order to give it an attractive look. We have written many times. You must encourage potential buyers to enter.

But what did you do after you did them at home? What makes them choose their own home instead of another?

1. Let the house be neutral inside. because? You want your business to go home. Do you know what your business is like? Do not! Therefore, you must use a neutral color that matches everything you have. because? Buyers don't want to paint. If you want full price, please do it for them. I always try to get the full price. This is very simple for the return. New paint is the cheapest solution for the family. If you are willing to eat less, sell more slowly, don't draw.

2. Make the house look like a luxury suite. Packing series, toys and garbage, and store them elsewhere. Donate and reduce taxes. Nothing remains on the floor except the furniture. If you have never seen a large hotel suite, please enjoy a pleasant weekend. you deserved. Store or replace old or worn furniture. Remember, buyers really look at furniture more than home. You want to impress them, then you take the furniture. You need beautiful furniture. This is unreasonable, but it is true.

3. Through wallpaper and custom and elegant paint treatment. Many buyers don't like them. Add architectural details such as mouldings, wooden coverings, hardwood floors or window moldings. Add a role and call Pass art that offends potential buyers. Hang 6 to 12 inches on things like sofas and buffets. Only flowers, no silk or plastic. Put down your desk, but put your silverware in a safe deposit.

4. Apply walls in neutral colors such as cream, khaki or beige, white or wood edges.

5. Record the traffic patterns of houses and different rooms. Leaving the nature trails to browse the rooms makes them look bigger and more attractive.

6. Store extra furniture and items. I saw the small room filled with furniture. If people can't walk into the room, they won't like it. The living room (living room and living room) must seem ready to make 4 people feel comfortable. If space is limited, if you have a lot of electronic components, the room with them and the ropes is beautiful. This may mean that he is no longer the focus of his family room. If there is a moment "it looks better than good", that's it. If your electronics look bad, resales will be affected by the fact that your home may feel good. Make the family more important.

7. Perform all necessary repairs to your home to pass the inspection. If you don't, smart shoppers charge more than you. Eliminate problems and prevent possible contracts before they become problems.
8. Finish the cabinets and storage space at home to make them look beautiful and a bit empty. I don't care if you have to put half of your clothes and shoes in the cupboard. These cabinets must be perfect, there is nothing on the floor, there is aroma and attraction. Then do the same thing in the bathroom. People hate dirty toilets a little less than dirty kitchens. Your kitchen is very important, and if it is connected to the dining area and family room, that's great. These works must look, smell and remain intact.

9. Make sure the curtains allow light to enter the house. All buyers want a lot of windows. Let them look at the window. This may mean that you want to lower some curtains. Any curtains you propose during resale should be fully exposed when the glass portion of the window is opened. The roof slab hanging on the floor, forgot the curtains of the cheap catalogue that could not finish the work. Unlined curtains make your home look interesting from the outside.

Please note that we did not mention granite countertops or many decorations to quickly sell my home. The sale of homes is more restricted than the decoration and coverage. Potential buyers must be able to see the house, not their personal style. Don't distract them.

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