November 15th, 2018

How To Check Spark Plugs In A Car?

In today's difficult economic environment, more and more people keep their cars a lot of time and use maintenance projects to ensure the longest possible duration of their journey and provide them with quality service. A simple task is to check and clean the spark plug between the settings to keep your car running normally while maintaining its efficiency.

Fist, make sure the engine is cold. If you have been driving recently, park your car in the shade or in the garage and install a fan that blows into the engine compartment to reduce cooling time. The engine is very hot at normal operating temperatures and can cause third-degree burns when in contact.

After the engine has cooled down, locate the spark plug (platinum spark plug supplier) and determine if it is necessary to remove the top engine components, such as the intake hose or suction hose. Trying to solve these problems is frustrating and often leads to unpleasant experiences.

Once the space is clear and the plug is easily accessible, remove the spark plug wire and dimension the deep well socket to fit snugly against the spark plug (best spark plugs). Loose covers can cause more serious problems, such as threading and scraping plugs, which can cost you hundreds of dollars in professional repairs. You also need a ratchet, ratchet extension and a 45-degree swivel joint to fit the bushing completely to the plug before applying torque.

Now insert the plug into the plug and apply a uniform pressure counterclockwise until the plug is loose. Once loosened, you can remove the ratchet and turn the extension counterclockwise until the plug is released from the plug. Be careful, the plug may fall into the engine compartment and it is difficult to recover. A deep well plug specifically designed to remove and install a spark plug contains a rubber gasket at the end of the conductor to secure the spark plug (platinum spark plug supplier) to prevent it from falling. If your hat does not have a rubber gasket, it is best to stretch it by hand and turn the lid to remove it safely.

Hold the plug in your hand and carefully observe the tip for signs of abnormality such as electrode melting and platinum or copper inserts. If the melting is not obvious, there should be carbon build up, indicating that the lid has been properly pulled out.

To ensure efficient operation of the plug, use a wire brush to clean the carbon tip. Inspect the cover for cracks and deformed threads and carefully inspect the ceramic insulation for cracks. If anything unusual, discard the lid and replace it with a new one.

To reinstall the cover, screw it into the cover by hand to prevent it from tightening. The lid should be easy to rotate most of the time until it reaches the lid seal. If you only make some distortion before tightening, you have to go through the wires. Remove the cover and try again until it is free to rotate and almost complete before tightening. Then fully tighten the cover with a ratchet; by applying enough torque to squeeze the plug seal, no large torque is required.

Repeat this process for all remaining plugs. Then, replace any removed components to allow access and then start the car. The car should start immediately and slowly idle. If the car requires several turns before starting and/or running, loose or faulty plugs may require additional troubleshooting. If all goes well, your car will run more efficiently and maintain a good fuel load.

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