February 27th, 2019

Dropship Your Way To Success

Q: I want to start my own business on eBay, but I really don't want to invest in a ton of inventory to better control whether I can or can't sell it. I read another chronicle about dropshipping, but I still don't understand how the whole process works. Do you think that using direct sales is starting business on eBay, and if so, how do I get off to a good start?
- Candace M.

A: Dropshipping is one of the first problems I mentioned in the column on the Internet in April 2003, a few decades ago. But for those who want to start an e-commerce campaign with the continued growth and positioning of eBay, the topic of direct sales is now more important than ever. Now he is more likely to be misunderstood than ever before.

Dropshipping (dropship spy) has been around since Sears began selling products from its mail-order catalog more than a hundred years ago. However, the idea of ​​direct delivery still leaves many people wondering how this process works.

By definition, direct sales is the method by which the distributor or supplier of the product and the dropshipper in the product directly delivers the product to the end user (customer) representing the retailer (your).

The direct transportation process involves three parts of the market for manufacturing products. They are manufacturers, distributors and distributors.

Let's use the blue widget as an example product to illustrate the process:
Manufacturing of blue widgets (manufacturer): This is the company that makes blue widgets. Blue Widget Manufacturing is not sold directly to the public and is not available to retailers who ultimately sell blue widgets to end users. They prefer to use dealers to market their blue devices. Blue Widgets pays $5 for each blue widget to sell blue van widgets.

A1 distribution (distribution/dropshipper): A1 distribution is the manufacturer of wholesale blue widgets, which offers distributors at a price of $7 each. The distributor does not send blue widgets to the dealer, but will send the order directly to the dealer's customer at the time of sale.

Big Bob's eBay Widget Store: Big Bob sells blue widgets to the public from his eBay store. Bob asked the blue gadgets assigned from A1 because he (usually one at a time) sold them and A1 directly gave his blue gadgets to his clients. Bob at every $10, the price means that for every blue gadget sold to him to win $3 sales of blue gadgets open to the public.

How the Dropshipping process works

Here are the seven steps to launch the dropship (dropship spy) online business:

Step 1: Choose the products you want to sell

The first step in any sales process is to decide which product to sell. Many factors must be considered before the product is sold, but for now, let's say you decide to sell the CD player on eBay.

Step 2: Find a supplier who logs in to dropship for you

Use research tools such as Google, Thomas Register, or a specific resource industry, such as the ultimate eBay transporter, to find a company that will be sent to your CD player. The company offers a 35% profit margin, which means that the CD drive will be delivered at a price of $100 each and you should be able to sell it at a price of $135. The CD player is in hand, so you don't sell a product that should wait.

Step 3: Create an account with Dropshipper

Contact the company that can provide CD drives and establish a reseller account with them. This can usually be done via the internet or by phone, but some companies will ask you to fill out and submit a reseller to open an account. Some companies may also require tax numbers and commercial licenses.

Step 4: Promote the product on eBay

Now that your supplier has been adjusted and you know that the product is in stock, it is time to sell it. Advertising products through eBay auctions. Since you know the amount you have to pay for the product, you know what the minimum amount of the product is. In this case, your bid starts at $100 because this is your fee. If you are sure that you can get more than 100€ products, you can start with a lower price, but remember that if the product is cheaper than the order, you will lose money. Remember that the equal dropshipper will invoice the shipment, so you must include it in your sales.

Step 5: The product has been sold

The good news: Your CD player is priced at $135, and your customers pay for it via PayPal Instant Payment. I recommend that if you sell on eBay, please use PayPal or other online processor to accept instant payment. This allows customers to pay faster, allowing you to place orders with the fastest dropshipper, bringing products to your customers faster.

Step 6: Use Dropshipper to make commands

If your customer pays you, you should contact dropshipper immediately to order your product on behalf of your customer. Dropshipper sends the order to your customer with the name and address of your company.

Step 7: Follow up after sales

This is where many new e-commerce professionals give up. The fact that your customer has paid through dropshipper and placed an order does not mean that it is no longer in the cycle. Conversely, if there is a problem with the order, you will be responsible to your customer.

Proactively build relationships with customers. Follow up with your customers and tell them about the shipping of the items. Provide yourself as a personal contact for any issue. This is also a good way to sell more products to this customer. Invite them to visit your eBay store or website (if available).

Many people are afraid of using direct transportation as a sales method, because the horror stories on the Internet send them to unscrupulous dispatchers who take money and do not fulfill orders, ordering goods forever, and unscrupulous middlemen claim to be simulators. Don't get me wrong, like most other industries, there are many suspicious roles in the direct flight industry. If you have the opportunity to blindly steal your eyes, there are hundreds of honest suppliers who can help you on eBay. Graphical direct transportation business.

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