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Neymar Shines In Football As In Poker

Much criticized in Brazil after his World Cup seesaw, Neymar continues to annoy the general public. While he is on vacation in his native country before joining France and PSG, the striker devotes himself to his passion for poker (judi slot). And he progresses as shown by his presence at the final table of a tournament.

Neymar, New Star Of The Poker Tables?

For many long months, the Brazilian striker of Paris Saint Germain, Neymar, has repeatedly reminded how much he liked poker. But he had hidden to the greatest number that he was a good player even, a real grinder !

Indeed, on the night of July 25 to 26, 2018, the star of the round ball shined at the poker tables since he reached the final table of the Brazilian Series of Poker. So, of course, this is not the biggest tournament on the planet, but still.

Nearly 300 players had made an appointment in Sao Paulo for a poker tournament that is among the largest in South America. Not really expected, Neymar knew how to pull out of the game and finished at the 6th place pocketing the passage a gain of 18,500 euros.

In terms of poker, the performance of the player auriverde is beautiful but many critics appeared after his presence at this tournament. In Brazil, as in France by the way, many believe that the player would be better prepared physically for the next few weeks rather than spend his time playing poker (judi slot).

It must be said that between the World Cup where his "roulades" were the subject of various mockery and miscommunication player at the end of the past season - injured his ankle, he had left France early and had Filmed playing poker during PSG games - Neymar is in the media's sights. All his deeds and actions are scrutinized and the slightest difference is the headache of the press.

Football And Poker - Some Similarities

This is actually a very simple explanation, football and poker have some similarities. If we omit the physical aspect of football, it is clear that a poker player and professional footballer must tackle a game of cards or a match in similar arrangements . Similarly, they must be able to show coolness, concentration but also rigor.

Another common point is that they have to adopt tactics that can be quite defensive or offensive. Should we push the opponents to the blame with an aggressive style of play or take a voluntary stand back and play tight, it's up to you to see.

On the other hand, it is certain that a professional footballer has weapons to be a good poker player. This is why, in addition to their notoriety, many top athletes are chosen by online poker operators to promote the discipline. Sometimes, it is question of coming to challenge the sports champions around a poker table (judi slot).

Not sure that it pleases many clubs that would often prefer to see their players dedicate themselves to their football career rather than anticipate a future poker career.

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