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Makeup Storage: Tips For A Perfectly Organised Collection

Make-up is very important for everyday use and special activities. To make it easier to make up, you should always stay organized and in an easy to see place. Some people have a lot of cosmetics, but because of their way of saving, they never end up using them. When you keep your collections in order, you will find what you want when you need or want it. Below you will find 5 steps to the perfect tissue makeup (eye glitter glue) collection.

Cosmetic storage areas should give priority to your daily use

When you store your cosmetics, you need to take a moment to find a large space where all the cosmetics can be spread, and then check it to determine the clothes you wear every day and the clothes you don't wear. The cosmetics you use every day should be kept in an accessible location compared to cosmetics used only for special activities. The battery is collected into the battery according to the frequency of use.

Makeup stack

For example, by creating a bunch of cosmetic storage, you can use the batteries you use every day, including basic color cosmetics, almost all the clothing associated with the lipstick that combines them. Make sure it is simple. You can also use a lot of cosmetics to skin care. This will include moisturizers, sunscreens, make-up removers, serums and acne treatments. Cotton swabs and cotton swabs can also be used as part of skin care products. Every day you need to remove makeup, especially if you travel a lot, are athletes, or don't like makeup all day. In order to save storage space for cosmetics, buy a pack of previously wet cleansing clothes to help remove makeup.

Another stack of cosmetic storage that you can create is easily accessible, including cosmetics for special events only. This collection includes special costumes for you to buy makeup, bright colors, false eyelashes, versatile colors like those used for Halloween, sparkling powder, when you go to the clubhouse, etc. You can just use the combination of low-frequency makeup you also You can create a stack for seasonal makeup (eye glitter glue). If you are a tan type, your skin tones may vary from season to season. Therefore, it can have different foundations as well as dust tones used in summer. If you are tanning in the summer, the dark color of summer makeup is also very important.

Any obsolete, broken or irritating things should not occupy cosmetic storage space

When you show your cosmetics, if you find that it is too old, be sure to discard it so that it does not take up more space. Old makeup may peel off or accumulate bacteria, making your collection confusing. Therefore, you must know how long each product should be retained before it is discarded. Products such as liquid eye linings and masks should be discarded after three months. After 6 months, do not use eye creams, eye lotions, eye lotions, eye shadows and any other cream or gel products for the eyes (eye glitter glue). Some products can even be used for a year or more. You must be careful not to use the expiration date and makeup to create more space.

Buy some bags or cosmetic bags at your local beauty shop

A cosmetic bag will help you keep the makeup organized and convenient. A good cosmetic bag will be one that can store everything you have. Bags vary in design, but most bags usually have a cleanable inner wall and a zip that can be closed to prevent spillage. They also have a quilted or padded exterior for extra protection.

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