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What Is The Poke Bowl?

Poke is a Hawaiian dish made with fresh seafood and umami-flavored condiments. In recent years, it has dethroned sushi and ceviche to become the most popular snack of the summer. What should the professionals know about welcoming this new trend?

Origin of the poke

Although poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish, it took a long time to reach the American continent, and even more to make itself known to the rest of the world. The traditional poke combines pieces of raw tuna, salt, bancoulier nut and seaweed.  Even if this recipe still exists, part of the poke's interest lies in the possibility of customizing the dish according to its preferences. Specialty restaurants offer you to customize your poke bowl with soy sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds, green onions, Maui onions, cucumber or chili flakes. Some brands serve fish on a bed of sushi rice, while others make fish the main ingredient of the dish.

The customization is not limited to condiments: customers can also choose other fish. Poke can consist of salmon, yellowfin, red snapper, octopus and other seafood. "Each bowl is prepared on demand," says Seth Cohen, owner of a poke plant. bowls. He explains that this is a new approach. In fact, traditionally, the poke was prepared in large quantities and marinated on the counter all day. Although the meteoric rise of poke has mostly involved unpretentious establishments, chefs of all levels are beginning to add this dish to their menu. The most creative approaches have given birth to poke nachos, a mixture of tuna, wonton, nori seaweed, sesame seeds and serrano peppers.

Where does the poke bowl craze come from?

Poke has had tremendous success in Los Angeles, Sydney, Toronto, Paris and London, as well as in many other cities.

The public is always asking for food on the go, and the poke is very convenient to take away. In addition, its beautiful presentation allows for beautiful photographs on Instagram , which is a strong commercial argument.

It is also a healthy dish, which raises no guilt. Fish is an ingredient naturally good for health, and tuna is full of omega 3. The transformation almost non-existent further reinforces its interest in the eyes of customers looking for a natural dish, but still enjoying the dishes spicy, salty and flavored.

The restaurateurs also welcomed this new trend with open arms. Compared to other simple dishes eaten quickly, such as pizzas or burgers, poke requires a much lighter investment. The chefs do not need to invest in ovens, grills and other ventilation systems: refrigerators and rice cookers are enough. This dish can also be prepared in the chain, like Chipotle's burrito, although it is healthier than the latter.

Poke restaurants requiring lower investment , they can offer cheap enough food to appeal to customers on a budget, ranging from students to office workers. This is one of the reasons why people looking for successful restaurant concepts are interested in poke.

But if poke bowls are offered at reasonable prices, they are also available in more expensive versions, an asset for high-end restaurants wishing to take advantage of this trend. These restaurants can highlight fresh catch and the culinary imagination of their talented chefs to charge their creations at a high price.

While some thought that the poke bowl would disappear from radar after a summer, it is still present on all taste buds after almost three years, and its success is still not denied.

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