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Effective Methods To Increase Instagram Follower.

Before explaining how to increase the number of followers Instagram quickly it seems appropriate to remember one thing, which often we forget: photos and videos are still the heart of it all! So before applying the tips given in this guide on how to increase Instagram followers (instagram followers cheap), learn to take  beautiful pictures, which are  original , and touch up wisely with the filters made available to you by the app.

Try to be as active as possible: if you do not point out, nobody will come looking for you to become your follower! I confess that it took me a while to understand that Instagram has exceptional potential, it is not just a social in which you share photos of dishes and outfits from fashion bloggers but something more!

A scientific study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania   shows how the first 2.6 seconds are essential to get a first impression of an Instagram account. Imagine a person standing in front of your Instagram profile for the first time. One of the very first things you will ask (even unconsciously) is "why should I follow this user?". Yeah, why should they follow you? We need to give them a good reason!

That's why it's important to tell who you are right now and what you do. Furthermore, to increase the chances of this person becoming your follower, you must be able to communicate something that characterizes you  and makes you unique. So try to be attractive, be creative and immediately convey who you are and what sets you apart from others.

There are 3 elements that characterize your Instagram bio:

    The profile photo

    The text of the bio

    The link

The profile photo is the one with the greatest impact. Try to use a convincing image, in line with your Instagram account, as a logo of your company or your first floor. In the bio text you can write something about yourself. Avoid text blocks. Prediligi a bulleted list where to insert only keywords accompanied by emoji.

Finally the link. Add a link within the biography, for example that of your Facebook page or your website / blog. Take original photos

What you need to do is stand out from the crowd and create your own style.

Choose a sector (travel, food, artistic, tattoo, etc.) and distinguish yourself from others. In most cases, users are faced with profiles that are all the same. With this example I have shown you how even in "macro niches" inflated like food you can create an original profile with a unique style and different from the mass.

If you are good at interning your style, the results in terms of increased follower and engagement will be guaranteed. If your photos are beautiful and catchy like those of the other thousand profiles on Instagram you're doing something wrong in a social network dedicated to images and videos to  have beautiful photos is not enough , it is the least you can do.Your published content must be exceptional! But which contents work on Instagram right now?

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