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DJI Select What And Why Should You Get One?

DJI Select For The Inspire 1 Pro

It is a repair contract of the drone, the camera and the basket which will last 1 year. Its price is 599 €. The contract concerns damage resulting from piloting errors, collisions, problems of interference or loss of signal, falls. You benefit from a DJI Select (dji select birthday) credit worth € 4399, equivalent to the purchase price of the drone. This credit will cover all necessary repairs to your drone at DJI and will be deducted from your credit each amount of a repair until it is exhausted. Beyond this sum, you are no longer covered. If your drone is no longer repairable, from the 11th month of the validity of a 12-month contract, you will be refunded, the lower of the two, or 60% of the price of the drone, or the rest of your DJI Select credit

The Dji Inspire 1 V 2.0

This contract covers the repair of the DJI Inspire 1 V 2.0, its camera and its nacelle in case of damage due to a pilot error or a collision, a problem of reception or interference of the network connection. The cost of insurance is 749 € for one year. The repairs of the drone will be supported up to a value of 3399 €, the price of your DJI Inspire V 2.0. With the purchase of your drone you automatically benefit from the guarantee against hidden defects and manufacturing defects. The insurance contract will work as soon as you have validated the DJI Select code (to be done no later than 48 hours after activation of the drone) linked to the serial number of your Inspire.

Within the framework of a contract of 6 months, if in the last month before the end of the contract the damage undergone by your drone can not be repaired any more, you will be refunded at the height of 80% of its initial price or by the amount the remaining DJI Select credit. This is the lowest amount that will be chosen. Under a one-year contract, if during the last month of validity of the contract the damage suffered by your drone is deemed irreparable, you will be reimbursed up to 60% of the original pix of the drone or the rest of the DJI credit care, the lowest amount will be chosen.

DJI Select For Phantom 3 Pro

This insurance policy protects your Phantom 3 , its camera and its basket in case of an accident as a result of normal use of the drone or a technical failure other than defects of origin related to the software or the device itself. The price of the insurance is 299 € for one year and comes into effect once the DJI Select code related to the serial number of the drone is registered, ie within two days at the latest after activation of the drone. Insurance does not interfere with the product warranty of your drone. Will be taken care of the repair of damage suffered by your drone up to the purchase price of the latter is 1199 €. This is the DJI Select credit.

If you have taken out a 1-year contract and in the last 30 days of the validity of the contract your drone turns out to be completely out of order, DJI reimburses you 60% of the value of the drone or the remainder of the DJI Select credit, the amount the lowest being the one chosen. If your contract lasts 6 months, from the 5th month, if your drone is irreparable, you will be refunded 80% of the price of the drone or the rest of your DJI Select credit, the lowest amount being the one that will be awarded to you

Is It Worth It?

It is true that the DJI Select (dji select birthday) insurance rates seem quite high at first glance, but it allows you to enjoy your drone serenely without worrying about breaks.

The constant with drones is that even if you are the most experienced driver, you pay close attention and follow all regulations , there will always come a time when you will crash yourself, that's for sure, so do not worry it is not better to predict than to look helplessly, your drone in a thousand pieces because of a signal interference.

dji select birthday discount

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