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The Evolution Of Cryptocurrencies, How, Why?

Following the evolution of crypto-currencies, it will mainly allow Crypto-Trader and Crypto-Minder to optimize their gains / productions. The profitability of your installation is directly related to the market value of the cryptocurrency. It's simple, if the price increases, your profitability improves and vice versa, if the price decreases, your profitability becomes less. As is often said here, there are several profiles that are interested in cryptographic currency (Claim Bitcoin Private).

The former will be interested in the potential of the currency, with a vision on the long term, the usefulness of this currency in the coming years, the announced development projects and the second, say the speculators, will be interested only in the potential of growth and the possible benefits on a more or less short term.

What does it bring me to follow the evolution of cryptocurrencies?

In any case, it is necessary to follow the evolution of the currency, to know how to change currency if ever a course collapses, to envisage solutions of folds Finally, it is necessary to remember that a bitcoin remains a bitcoin (Claim Bitcoin Private), an ether , an ether, no matter the value of the market. eToro  is a relatively intuitive tool to track the evolution of cryptocurrencies . It also makes it possible to make simulations of purchases via a virtual wallet. And that's what we recommend you use otherwise, unless you have a good base in trading and you really want to invest in a currency, you will not succeed.

Indeed, we can not recommend this site for its main functionality, it must be a confirmed trader not to be fooled. The problem of this site lies in the fact that it popularized the use of stock markets and therefore makes it accessible to anyone and often without special knowledge ...

There are many articles on the subject but what we could observe with our meager knowledge lies in the fact that the values ​​proposed by default during an investment are with a leverage of 50 and the limits when you you will withdraw are  extremely  distant and therefore you should technically lose (and even more than what you had invested), at the next small drop.

Follow the evolution of cryptocurrencies with eToro

However, this site is very convenient for courses and the interface is really well designed. We have accounts on this site to allow us to simulate investments / speculations and observe the walk.

Simply one of the best tools to follow the evolution of cryptocurrencies. This site allows you to follow the evolution of currencies, since its IPO and to filter by period. Several tabs are available to view historical data, or for example, the market breakdown (for those who know it).

You can even embed a widget to stay informed of the currency, such as Bitcoin:

Well, follow the evolution of a cryptocurrency is good. What do we do next? Well, now you have to stimulate your profitability on cryptos  according to your configuration and the current currency rate. Go, there is a negative point, the site is in English, but you can still translate it using Google.

It's a technique we use. To explain the principle, we diversify the gains from mining. We have already explained this concept several times, it consists in securing the mining using different values. We are still in the testing phase, but gold is a very good solution as long as you do not get caught on the type of exchange. In spite of what we announced to you above, it can be also interesting to exchange your ETH, for example, in another value via the exchange sites of cryptocurrencies like Binance, Kraken, Bittrex, Coinbase.

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