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Dog Overeating - Which Breeds Are High-Risk?

We hope that humanity will not enter the world on an equal footing. Even if we eliminate complex socio-economic problems, our medical records hide inequality: some of us are genetically inclined to medical problems, such as heart disease and certain types of cancer. A study by the Harvard School of Public Health showed that our genes make us more likely to become obese.Genetic injustice does not stop at Homo sapiens. Due to reproductive methods, our dog partners can be genetically scheduled for certain diseases. For many generations, dog lovers create different breeds by selecting and breeding dogs that have only certain desired characteristics, such as certain fur colors and facial shapes. This attractive quality of selective breeding reduces genetic diversity and defects in the genetic map of individual dogs.

For exaexample, the intense breeding required to produce an impressive Dalmatian site has also led to genetic predisposition to kidney stones and deafness. Similarly, the poodle is very popular around the world for its beautiful hypoallergenic fur and intelligence. Unfortunately, strict breeding to meet the needs of these popular dogs has also made poodles the most susceptible to the disease: they are associated with 145 genetic disorders.Obesit is no exception. In many cases, the cause of obesity is obvious: like humans, when a dog eats too much and has very little exercise, he is likely to be overweight. In addition, low-quality, low-protein dog food can encourage overeating, because dogs need to eat more to feel full. Most canine obesity cases are due to these reasons.However, some breeds of dogs are more likely to gain weight for the reasons listed below. If you are worried, because your cute puppy breed is on the list, trust us. We also introduced techniques to avoid weight gain, or if it is too late, help your dog get rid of these weights (dog weight chart).A quick overview of the history of dogs can explain why some dogs almost smoke their food. Many experts believe that 15,000 years ago, when some wolves chose to enter a new niche created by humans, dogs were divided into different species and lived near the convenient food reserves of landfills. In this case, it is logical for the dogs to eat quickly so that they can eat as much food as possible before the advent of the dog or predator.

Today, the initial utility of fast consumption has been replaced by obesity and dog swelling. Obesity occurs when homeowners often think that their dogs are always hungry and cause excessive eating. The stomach's torment, or the dog's swelling, is a more serious and direct disease in which the dog uses his food to inhale the air, causing the stomach to turn over, even if it is blocked, the outlet continues to appear more. Deep and narrow trunks such as Collies and St. Bernard are more susceptible to dog swelling. Other fast-food varieties are large breeds such as Labrador Retriever, Basset Hound, Rottweiler and all dogs that don't have to worry about eating puppy food anymore. Remember that any breed can eat too fast; check your dog's eating habits to determine if he is eating too much.

How to slow down your dog week?

Establish a consistent feeding plan and stick to it. Many veterinarians recommend two meals a day, one meal each morning and evening. Pay attention to the amount of food you normally give to your dog every day. If this amount is appropriate, check with your veterinarian. Avoid giving your dog leftovers and other snacks.Make an obstacle in your dog's plate. Some owners and veterinarians recommend putting a tennis ball or a large stone in your dog bowl to eat slowly. Other more aesthetically pleasing solutions, such as the Dog Pause bowl, use the same principles to limit the way dogs are fed in a simple but effective way. Ective. These bowls have a half cup separation in the bowl, creating an obstacle for your puppy to support yourself.Puppy Weight

Canine Energy: Races that require a lot of rcicio axes

Some dogs are specially raised for work. For example, shepherds are kept grazing sheep all day long. Therefore, it is not surprising that working dogs such as German Shepherd, Doberman, Rottweiler and Beagle will gain weight (dog weight chart) if they do not exercise every day.
How to get your four-legged friend to find a healthy weight:

Go out and play. For all dogs, half an hour of exercise is a good idea, regardless of their size. Your dog may need more; some vets advise you to walk the dog every 10 pounds. Discuss with your veterinarian the amount of exercise recommended for your puppy to determine if your breed needs more time to stay in shape.

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