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GTA For Pleasure

When launched in 2009, Grand Theft Auto (gta 5 apk) caused an uproar in fans and critics. Incredible sales led to the creation of two expansion packs and universal identification on the Critical Target website. Professional critics praised the quality of their films and serious gameplay, and forgive the small problems of the cover system. New features such as mobile phone, cabin system and player framework decisions have been welcomed by everyone for their creativity. However, a few months after its release, the players expressed their dissatisfaction with the comprehensiveness of the game. Once the main game and some small games are completed, there are still only difficult pigeons to shoot, because these animated birds are located in high-rise buildings. Corners of commercial facilities and industrial sites. Although slaughtering people is interesting because they poured a gallon of blood and gave real feedback, it became monotonous. The spirit of rock stars is to propose two extensions (I didn't play these) to extend the legacy of the game.

After a while, Saints Row 2 appeared, an explosive game that provided great entertainment for players, mainly welcomed by critics and spectators because of its longevity. For Take Two, this game is not a big improvement, but a better follow-up to his predecessor. Some grunts condemn their vulgarity and degeneration, but most consider it a delicious alternative to the Grand Theft Auto 4 game to introduce him as a member of the saints, a member of the underworld who once ruled in this city, but has been scrapped by rival groups. And Ultor's big man, trying to get back to the top by executing competitors' members and occupying their territory. But it's very fun and activities make the game so far-reaching; insurance fraud, burning, fighting, VIP gorillas, accommodation, etc... Anyway, here is!

Since the launch, nearly two years have passed, but the game has produced effects, mainly Grand Theft Auto (gta 5 apk), which has led many developers to focus on the main plot, graphics and games in my "surprise!" instead of the usual expectations The typical "happiness". Mysterious Seas 3, Red Death Redemption, Rainstorms, etc. are examples. However, the developers of Saints Row remain the same; they always choose a ridiculous way of entertainment. What do we want as players? Innovative products Still an entertainment product?

I am playing Saints Row 2 now - knowing that you are defective; the graphics card, although capable, is unstable, the character is not deep enough, most missions involve too many shots, the phone is completely useless in the game, some vehicles are difficult to manage, Some activities became repetitive, etc. Not long ago I was playing games, I don't remember the name of my character. But I think this game is designed for the average citizen, they don't analyze everything, just want to let them rely on things. That's why people like movies like "Speed ​​and Passion" (I don't see it), the final destination (I hate it); they are entertained without much impact. Saints Row 2 is not common, it's actually a great game, but it's designed to take into account the needs of the average player. This formula works well.

Grand Theft Auto 4, Uncharted 3, Red Death Redeemer, Lanoire Rain Monster Game, such as Daniel Day Lewis, they don't come, many times, but when they do, the children rush into the world. The difficulty of these games is very low, unless you play Mysterious Seas 3 in Debris mode, games other than Grand Theft Auto-4 and Uncharted 3 don't take long. In addition, the game starts slowly and requires only a simple task: the rainstorm actually starts with helping the character wear the job, and Red Dead Redemption needs to take care of the farm. However, they are a separate class because they guide you through the journey of the character without adding unnecessary extras to escape the main scenes of your game. Roger Albert can withdraw his claim that "video games are never possible art" if he plays such a game.

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